Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What to Do with Dell Password Reset Issues?

Dell laptop administrator password recovery is necessary when the administrator of the Dell laptop forgot the Windows password. Administrator passwords are set and used to keep the laptop or PC secure, but can sometimes prove disastrous. Often, a password set to protect a laptop causes more problems than it actually helps to solve. There are two types of administrator passwords on any laptop or PC: the BIOS password and the Windows password. The exact recovery method used and whether recovery will be successful will depend on which password is needed and why.
Today, we are going to talk about how to reset Dell password if you forgot the admin password. Now, some  approaches are available to do so.
Method 1: an available reset disk

If a previously made password recovery disk is  available or if a general account with Administrator privileges is practical, it is easy for you to reset your Windows password on Dell.
Method 2: Type control "userpasswords2" with administrative right
Restart your Dell 1501 and tap "F8" as the computer is booting.
Choose the "Safe Mode" option and press "Enter."
Select the "Administrator" account to log in to the computer in Safe Mode.
Click "Start," type "control userpasswords2" in the "Search" box and press "Enter."
Click on the locked account and press "Reset Password." This resets and recovers the password on your Dell computer.
Well, if you can not reset the Dell password with the above two methods, I think it is better for you to try with a third party software.  Windows Password Unlocker is one of the best and efficient tool for Windows users to reset Windows password with ease.

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