Thursday, December 30, 2010

4 Common Windows Password Mistakes You Should Avoid

As the first safeguard of our computer data, a Windows password security is worthy of a user's attention. But in reality, few users are aware of the significance of a Windows password. Many users set a Windows password that can be easily hacked, like "123456" or "password", for convenience. Some users even forgot Windows password frequently without a password reset disk at hand. The following lists 4 common Windows password mistakes users easily make.

Mistake 1: Set A Weak Windows Password Like "123456"

When creating a Windows password, you should avoid the passwords like"123456", "password", "abc123", etc, which are too common and weak to be easily recognized, though it seems to difficult for you to reset Windows password . According to an analysis survey, the most popular passwords among nearly 400,000 exposed by the Gawker hack were "123456", with more than 3,000 people had it as a password. If you owned a Windows password like that, stop using them now. Meanwhile, it is better not use only letters or numbers which means great significance to you, like your birthday or names.
There are 2 key factors for a strong Windows password: length and complexity. An ideal password is regarded to be at least 8 characters long and composed of letters, punctuation, symbols, and numbers; avoid personal information, repetition, sequences, and dictionary words. But don't make it too complicated for your memory. Otherwise it happens to forget Windows password easily. A strong Windows password should be easy for you to remember but hard to hack.

Mistake 2: Always Use Same Windows Password

According to PC World, 75 percents of people had the same password for their email accounts and social networking sites. Have you also employ the password with other accounts for avoiding to lost Windows password? Today we live in a password-drive world which make us have to remember credit card passwords, bank accounts, etc. Of course, it is an effective way to use the same password for getting out of the trouble with many different passwords. But the problem is that if it's compromised and someone finds it, the rest of your identity is at risk. So it is better not to use the same password for all your accounts, at least for your Windows accounts and other important accounts.

Mistake 3: Seldom Change Windows Password

For many users, they may never remember to change Windows password unless they forgot Windows password. No matter how strong a password is, it may get hacked if the user doesn't change it all the time. Most computer experts and online security professionals recommend changing passwords and account login information at least once every three months. How long have you ever changed Windows password? Reset it frequantly and get into the habit of changing your password on regular basis.

Mistake 4: Forgot Windows password Without A Password Reset Disk

With the Windows password reset disk feature, it is no longer a big problem when you forgot Windows password. Computer experts strongly suggest that users create a password reset disk when setting a new password, which they will not lose access to your files and information. But many users in fact ignore the importance of the Windows password reset disk until they forgot or lost. If you haven't create a password reset disk, just start to create one now. You will find everything is still in order though password is gone.

This is the survey which we have collected from Security Community, more info about password management survey, go to its official site.
If you cannot afford to reinstall computer with your computer data lost after you forgot Windows password, an effective option is to use Windows password recovery tool like Windows Password Unlocker to reset your forgotten Windows password. it guarentee that no data will be lost after Windows password reset in 4 steps.
Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Unlocker Professional in any available computer
Step 2: Burn a password reset disk with a CD/DVD or USB flash drive
Step 3: Set BIOS of your locked computer to make it boot from CD/DVD or USB flash drive
Step 4: Reset forgotten Windows password
Now, have you mastered how to avoid the common Windows password troubles? Will you still get anxious when forgot Windows password or the password be hacked issues?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

5 Main Issues Surrounding us on MS Word

When we are informed to hand in an annual report, we prefer to MS Office software but not handwriting; when giving a lecture in a hall, we are used to a PPT presentation instead of blackboard; when assigned to make a statistics, we would like to calculate in worksheet rather than a counter. MS Word as the representative, like virus, is deeply rooted among the users: office clerks, college students or International Trade Specialists.

As a proverb saying: a coin has two sides, so does MS Word. Many a troublesome issues has occurred to users with the widespread utility of MS Office, such as recover MS Word password, convert MS Word to PDF.

Here is the listing of essential and universal issues which we collected from website.

Issue 1: How to password protected with MS Word files?

It is a necessity to create an Office password for MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint files from piping eyes or info loss. Pay attention on how to set Word password for protection.(take MS Word 2007 for example)

  • >>Step 1:Click the Microsoft Office Button, click to Prepare -> Encrypt Document.
  • >>Step 2: In the Encrypt Document dialog box, input a password in the Password box and click OK.
  • >>Step 3: Enter the previous password again in the Confirm Password dialog box, and click OK.
  • >>Step 4: Save the password and the MS Word file.

Issue 2: How to Convert MS Word 2007 file Formats .docx into Word 2003?

"I have installed a MS Office version. Days ago, I sent an E-mail to my friend with a MS Word file several times and he told me he had not received yet. By the way, he has a MS Office 2003 edition." So, how to convert Microsoft Office 2007 File Formats .docx into Office 2003?

Open your Word file and click Microsoft Office Button -> click Save As -> click Word 97-2003 Document. Then your Word 2007 file can be read in Word 2003 format.

Issue 3: How to convert MS Word to PDF format?

In website, we often encounter the dilemma that the novel author only displays the start of his work for his copyright –protected, which makes us uneasy .Is there a convenient method that I can view, modify, print or take notes with the novel without restriction?

Of course. If you know how to convert MS Word to PDF files with a third party, it is a piece of cake for you to change, modify or print with the novel. Some kinds of PDF Converters are available for you to solve your problem.

Issue 4: How to recover MS Word password?

"What happened with my Word file? I could not access my Word file with open password. Is it infected with a virus? How can I fix it and regain the Word document?"

Cannot open Word file? Lost or forgot Word password? A hackneyed and expedient trick is to ask Word password recovey tool for help, which always make it sense and recover MS Word password in high-express. As is known, Word Password Unlocker is highly appreciated with its function on removing Word password successfully.

Issue 5: How to activate MS Word Beta?

Though some experts and Microsoft Senior boast about >MS Office, lots of shortcomings come out with the widespread usage. For example: when log on, the pops out " need to activate MS Word 2010 Beta."

It is the thing that every single user has to go through is, activating the Office 2010 Beta edition. It would be useful to list out the steps that you need to activate your product.

  • >> Step 1.Open Microsoft Word 2010 Beta.
  • >> Step 2.Open Backstage view by clicking on the File tab
  • >> Step 3.Click Help in the set of tabs on the left.
  • >> Step 4.Shift your focus to the right side of the screen and click on Change Product Key optionet
  • >> Step 5. Enter the Multiple Activation Key (MAK) which was provided to you.

Of course, what are displayed is a part of problem with MS Word users. However, it is to mention that the issues like forgot Word password, PDF Converter and trouble with MS Word 2010 turn into hot and common topics. If you encountered any other difficulties on MS Office, go to Microsoft Official website or contact with us!