Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to Recover PDF password when lost it?

To assure PDF files safety, many users often decrypt their PDF documents with a strong password protection. They may set a user password, which is used to restrict opening the PDF file itself. Or they may set an owner password, which is required when somebody tries to copy, edit or print the password protected PDF file.
As a writer or publisher, he or she always set a PDF password to prevent from plagiarizing or print; as common users, he would like to take a PDF password for some private or confidential files or documents.
Really, it is nevertheless a good and efficient way to protect our copyright or privacy, but on the other hand, it makes you in a mess or crazy once you lost or forgot PDF password to open the files.
So, here I would like to introduce a third party for recovering PDF password when you need to do PDF password recovery.
Though there are so many kinds of these toolkits, PDF Password Unlocker is specialized to remove PDF password with high efficiency.
Some Features of PDF Password Unlocker
1. Save the PDF password recovery process automatically and resume the process again when run it next time.
2. Shut down your computer automatically after you finished to recover PDF password.
3. Recover PDF password quickly regardless of the length and complexity.
4. Intuitive interface with good User Experience makes it easy to use.
5. Three types of attacks for recovery: Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack are available for you to recover lost PDF passwords within a few clicks.
The step-by-step guide of recovering PDF password After Downloading
Step1: Click Open to import the PDF document that you want to re-open.
Step 2: Choose an attack type to recover lost PDF password.
Step 3: Attack settings.
Step 4: Click Start button on the taskbar to recover the password, and then you will get your lost password.
With this PDF password recovery tool, you will never worry about password locked problem any more.

Monday, March 28, 2011

How to Boot From A Windows 7 Password Reset Disk?

What Can Safe Mode Do In Windows 7?

What is Safe Mode?
According Wikipedia, Safe Mode is a diagnostic mode of a computer operating system (OS). It can also refer to a mode of operation by application software. Safe Mode is intended to fix most, if not all problems within an operating system.
One of the easiest way to start the Safe Mode is as follow:

1.Turn on your computer.
2.Press the key or hit all the time during the Starting Windows 7 message.
3.Use the arrow keys to highlight Safe Mode, then press the < Enter > key.
Well, next we will talk about what can Safe Mode do or what’s the kinds of functions with it?
Functions on Safe Mode
Firstly, it is good at restoring the system breakdown. When some new computer users encounter such trouble, they are used to reinstall the pc system instead of restarting the computer and use the Safe Mode to restore.
Secondly, Safe Mode helps us to thoroughly clear up the virus for our Windows 7 users. Though some kinds of anti-virus software have updated day after day, sometimes they still can not clean drastically in normal mode as they may infect each other. Or, some kinds of ware could not work under DOS. At that time, it is better for us to start Safe Mode.
Thirdly, some Windows 7 users like to reset Windows 7 password with Safe Mode once their Windows password is lost or forgotten. It seems to be a useful and secure way to bypass the user password.
In a matter of fact, Safe Mode performance a great function in Windows 7 or Windows XP/Vista. Next time, you can DIY with these problems above with Safe Mode.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

What Can An Administrator Account Do In Windows 7?

As is known, there are 3 kinds of accounts in Windows 7, administrator account, standard user account and guest account.

Today, I would like to talk about what is administrator account and how it can performance in Windows 7.

Firstly, how to definite administrator account? According to Microsoft, An administrator account is a user account that lets you make changes that will affect other users. So, when buying a laptop or PC, it is necessary for you to create a Windows 7 administrator account and password.

After that, what can the administrator account do when we take use of? There are 5 essential functions among it.

1.Administrators can change security settings, download and install some software or hardware.

2.Visit and obtain any files or documents of others in Windows 7.

3.Do any changes like files, images etc from the laptop.

4.Change the self and others’ account name and password.

5.Create and remove user account

So when you lost or forgot Windows 7 password or the password is protected, it is a good and handy method to change or remove the password with available admin password.

By the way, when creating an administrator account, it is better to make a Windows 7 password reset disk. Meanwhile, here I would like to recommend you use a standard account for your day-to-day computing with more security.