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How to Set BIOS Boot From CD/DVD Disc When you Perform a Windows 7 Password Recovery?

Forgetting the password on your Windows 7 laptop is a common issue and reset or bypass Windows password into your own PC isn't something many people often do so it's no wonder I get so many inquiries about the process.
When people lost their password, the most frequently asked question you would see in Ask&Answer forums are just like this: “How do I set the bios when I use a Windows password recovery tool to recover my lost windows 7 password?” At former article I just write a article about How to Set BIOS Boot from USB flash drive. But, here I'd like to tell you how to Set BIOS Boot From CD/DVD Disk.
If you have recently forgot Windows 7 password and want to learn about computer BIOS boot from USB, then read the rest of this article. It will show you how you can easily to change your computer boot from USB.
Now, please follow these easy steps to boot from CD/DVD Disc.
Step 1 . Please reboot your computer and pres 'F2' or 'Delete' or "F10" to enter your BIOS setup.
Restart the computer which your want to reset Windows Password. As it starts it should display an option to enter the system set up menu, or BIOS, commonly reached by keys like DELETE, F1, F2, F10, F12 or Alt+S. Use whichever keystroke is indicated on screen. In some cases your computer may display a graphic while it starts. Typically, pressing Esc will dismiss the graphic and allow you to see the necessary messages.
Step 2 . Looking for a tab or menu relating to booting in the BIOS setup software's opening screen. In this example, it's simply called "BOOT," and can be accessed by using the tab and/or arrow keys to highlight the word "BOOT" on the menu bar. Once there, hit enter, and you'll see a submenu that's specific to how the PC boots.
Step 3 . Using the tab and/or arrow keys,select "Hard Disk Drives", and hit "Enter".
Step 4 . Select the "1st Drive", hit "Enter".
Step 5 . Make sure that CD-ROM is selected as a first priority boot device. Make the change, then save and exit. (In case of doubt, you should consult the manual that came with your computer, and/or its motherboard.) The computer should now restart.

After you set the bios boot from CD/DVD, you can continue to perform the Windows 7 password recovery with the Windows 7 password reset CD/DVD disk.

How to Create a Windows 7 Password with Your Fingerprint?

When you forgot Windows 7 password composed of letters, numbers and symbols,  have you ever thought about creating a Windows 7 password with your voice, fingerprint or other biometric characteristics?  In reality, fingerprint recognition has appeared in the computer world. Windows 7 laptops come with biometric sensor like fingerprint reader that allow a user to swipe his fingerprint instead of typing in a password to log into the computer.
With this method, you will have a greater sense of security in using your computer, considering passwords are not in the least bit as secure as your own fingerprint. To create a Windows 7 password with fingerprint logon, the first thing to remember is that you must have all the drivers to support the fingerprint reader. If you’ve bought a laptop which has the Microsoft Windows 7 stickers on them, chances are you already have all the required drivers.
To enable the fingerprint logon, please follow the steps as below:
1. Click Start -> Control Panel -> Biometric Devices
2. On the Use biometric devices with Windows dialog, click User your fingerprint with Windows 3. You will need to prove that you are actually the currently logged on user before you can setup a fingerprint for the current user. Go ahead and enter in your password and click OK.
4. Click on the finger you want to use for logging on to Windows.
5. Swipe your chosen finger three times on the Swipe your finger dialog box. You will be notified each time if the swipe was successful.
6. Click the Finish button after swiping 3 times successfully and a Congratulations tip displays in the dialog box.
7. Click the Finish button on the Enrollment screen, and the fingerprint you chose for access displays, highlighted in green.
To test the fingerprint reader and that the enrollment process worked, either log off or locked Windows 7, by pressing the Windows Key + L. You should now see a fingerprint icon instead of your photo as the default logon mechanism. Just swipe the finger you chose during the process over the fingerprint reader and you should now log back on to Windows. So Windows 7 users can never worry about Windows 7 password recovery issues if they have install the device.

1. Please remember to keep your finger clean and dry when you need to swap fingerprint. It can help you improve fingerprint recognition rate.
2. You have the option of using multiple fingers to log on with, increasing the security. It can help you avoid being locked of computer due to unintentional finger injuries.
3. If the built-in fingerprint software of your computer conflicts with Windows 7, you just need to uninstall it.

How to Add, Reset Power-on Password in Your PC?

Firstly, some one may ask what is "power-on password" and what can it do for us? Now, let's figure out the meaning of power-on password.
Power-on password protects the system from being powered on by an unauthorized person. When it has been set, a prompt will appear during the system start up, and the Power-on password must be entered before an operating system can be booted.
You can add a Power On password to your computer or laptop for added security. When the system is first turned on it will prompt for the Power On password. Without it the computer will not continue to boot. Please note that if you forget your Power On password it is very difficult to reset access to your computer. These instructions include accessing the BIOS. Incorrect changes to the BIOS can prevent your computer from working. Please use these instructions with care.
How to add a Power-on password on your laptop?
1. Turn your computer on.
2. Press the appropriate key to access the BIOS at the system screen. Most systems use the F2 or the DEL key to access the BIOS.
3. The BIOS screen will display. There are several screens within the BIOS. Use your arrow keys to display the Security screen.
4. Use your arrow keys to display the Set User Password or Set System Password and press Enter.
5. Type your password. Press Enter and you may be asked to type your password again for confirmation.
6. Press F10 to save your changes and exit the BIOS screen.
7. Use your arrow keys to highlight YES or OK and press Enter. After that your system will reboot.
How to Reset Power-on password?
1.Power off  your computer
2.Remove the battery pack
3.Remove the backup battery
4.Power on the computer and wait till the POST ends. If the password prompt does not appear then the Power-on password has been reset.
5.Reinstall the backup battery and the battery pack.
By the way, most of us set a password to Windows OS, when you have met with Windows password recovery issue, how to deal with? How to reset forgotten Windows password? It is recommended to take a Windows password reset disk or some kinds of Windows password recovery tools for replace.

How to Create a Windows 7 Password Reset Disk with a Third Party Software?

To be able to shield the information and files reserved in laptop or computer, we are used to set a password for Windows 7 Operation System to help keep them away from the snooping eyes, what is additional, in case that other folks may guess out the password, a number of us may perhaps change the password for their Windows 7 OS regularly. Well, believed it or not, this will likely arouse another potentially dilemma which can be that the Windows user can easily forgot Windows 7 password because of the  complicated compose of password and the regular change.
As we all know that  we can create a Windows 7 password reset disk when we first set a password on the Windows 7 OS, which is the easy and efficient way to solve Windows 7 password recovery trouble. However, most of time ,most of us often did forget to create a password reset disk until they got problem of Windows password logon.
Then, how to do for your Windows 7 passwory recovery? How to create a Windows 7 password reset disk with a third party for recovery issue?
Firstly, I think it is necessary to give a biref introduction third party software - Windows Password Unlocker, a safe and reliable Windows password recovery software to reset Windows 7 password in a few minutes. Now, pay attention to how to create a password reset disk with this application.
  • Step 1. Download and install Window Password Unlocker in any available computer.
  • Step 2. Run it and insert a blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive in computer.
  • Step 3. Select your target account and click the Burn button to start burning an ISO image file to the disk.
  • Step 4. Click Yes to confirm and continue your operation.
  • Step 5. Click Ok when the burning task is completed.
  • Step 6. Remove the USB flash drive from computer.
Ok, you have sucessfully created the disk with Windows Password Unlocker, then you can follow the prgram step-to-step guide to reset your lost password on Windows 7.

Suggestions on Windows 7 Password Reset in a Short Time!

I forgot my Windows 7 Password and now I am not able to login into my Acer laptop any more.  I am looking for ways to find my forgotten windows 7 password from the internet but I can not figure out which is better for my Windows 7 password recovery. Can someone help me? Any suggestions?
Annoying things  like forgetting Windows 7 password happens could come about to anybody and anytime, for people today can in no way be too careful within the hustle and bustle life. Suppose you might be the one who forgot Windows 7 password, what will you do to get Windows 7 password recovery in no time?
Suggestion one: Take a password reset disk to rescure
This password reset disk on Windows 7  can do well with Windows 7 password reset issue. As long as you have created a Windows 7 password reset disk for your laptop, it comes to be an easier thing. You can do it like this with the disk.
1. If you enter the wrong password when you attempt to log on, Windows will display a message that the password is incorrect. Click OK to close the message box.
2. Click Reset Windows Password, and then insert Windows password reset disk (or other removable media).
3. Follow the steps in the Password Reset Wizard to create a new password.
4. Log on with the new password. You can use the same password reset disk instead of making a new one next time.
Suggestion two: Download a Windows password recovery freeware
There are many of Windows password recovery tools which are free of charge for using, like Ophcrack, Offline NT Password & Registry Editor and Cail & Abel etc. They are well-known as to reset the lost password on Windows 7. O f course, when perform the freeware, it will happen to some emergency you must pay attention.
Suggestion three:  Take use of a Windows password recovery shareware
By far, you still can not find a satisfied Windows password recovery tool or solution for the forgotten password issue? Why not try with a toolkit named Windows Password Unlocker, a well-recognized and worthwhile software to be your assitant on Windows 7 password reset, which always guarantees 100% recovery rate with less than 5 minutes.
Before you are going to download this program ,make sure you have prepared with:
1. A blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive
3. A bootable CD/DVD-ROM drive.
4. An available unlocked pc.
Ok, get it for Windows 7 password reset? A relaxed and easy thing has been done!

Windows 8 Revealed…Looks a Bit Familiar…

For any who were following the Steve Sinofsky technical preview of what’s coming in Windows 8, you may have noticed a trend emerging. Microsoft has been shifting their products and services to the Metro paradigm for a few years, but until now, the interface made famous by Zune and more recently Windows Phone never made it to Microsoft’s flagship product–Windows.
At the AllThings D9 conference earlier today, Steve Sinofsky had the unfortunate detriment to sit down with known anti-Microsoft “journalist” Walt Mossberg. His snarky comments and inappropriate questions not just today, but over the past few years is both insulting and disrespectful to the Microsoft guys who are just doing their jobs to create a product that end-users enjoy, but i digress…
Sinofsky traversed through the interview with Mossberg to give us a glimpse of where Windows is heading and it’s very similar to what you may see on your Windows Phone, Media Center PC or Zune device everyday. A live-tiled interface will act as the start screen for Windows 8 and lends itself nicely to table and other handheld computing devices. As you can see from the picture below, Windows 8′s tablet interface uses grids of live tiles to bring to the forefront the things most users really care about. And for those of you that may be worried, the classic Windows Desktop is still underneath all of that, so you can just as easily switch between the two if or when it may be necessary.

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Windows 8 is turning to be a more and more hot topic since its release has been revealed at late of 2012. Accordingly, the related issue with Windows 8 also comes to be prevailing, like Windows 8 logon password recovery, Windows 8 Metro style etc.