Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to Create a Windows 7 Password with Your Fingerprint?

When you forgot Windows 7 password composed of letters, numbers and symbols,  have you ever thought about creating a Windows 7 password with your voice, fingerprint or other biometric characteristics?  In reality, fingerprint recognition has appeared in the computer world. Windows 7 laptops come with biometric sensor like fingerprint reader that allow a user to swipe his fingerprint instead of typing in a password to log into the computer.
With this method, you will have a greater sense of security in using your computer, considering passwords are not in the least bit as secure as your own fingerprint. To create a Windows 7 password with fingerprint logon, the first thing to remember is that you must have all the drivers to support the fingerprint reader. If you’ve bought a laptop which has the Microsoft Windows 7 stickers on them, chances are you already have all the required drivers.
To enable the fingerprint logon, please follow the steps as below:
1. Click Start -> Control Panel -> Biometric Devices
2. On the Use biometric devices with Windows dialog, click User your fingerprint with Windows 3. You will need to prove that you are actually the currently logged on user before you can setup a fingerprint for the current user. Go ahead and enter in your password and click OK.
4. Click on the finger you want to use for logging on to Windows.
5. Swipe your chosen finger three times on the Swipe your finger dialog box. You will be notified each time if the swipe was successful.
6. Click the Finish button after swiping 3 times successfully and a Congratulations tip displays in the dialog box.
7. Click the Finish button on the Enrollment screen, and the fingerprint you chose for access displays, highlighted in green.
To test the fingerprint reader and that the enrollment process worked, either log off or locked Windows 7, by pressing the Windows Key + L. You should now see a fingerprint icon instead of your photo as the default logon mechanism. Just swipe the finger you chose during the process over the fingerprint reader and you should now log back on to Windows. So Windows 7 users can never worry about Windows 7 password recovery issues if they have install the device.

1. Please remember to keep your finger clean and dry when you need to swap fingerprint. It can help you improve fingerprint recognition rate.
2. You have the option of using multiple fingers to log on with, increasing the security. It can help you avoid being locked of computer due to unintentional finger injuries.
3. If the built-in fingerprint software of your computer conflicts with Windows 7, you just need to uninstall it.

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