Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to Add, Reset Power-on Password in Your PC?

Firstly, some one may ask what is "power-on password" and what can it do for us? Now, let's figure out the meaning of power-on password.
Power-on password protects the system from being powered on by an unauthorized person. When it has been set, a prompt will appear during the system start up, and the Power-on password must be entered before an operating system can be booted.
You can add a Power On password to your computer or laptop for added security. When the system is first turned on it will prompt for the Power On password. Without it the computer will not continue to boot. Please note that if you forget your Power On password it is very difficult to reset access to your computer. These instructions include accessing the BIOS. Incorrect changes to the BIOS can prevent your computer from working. Please use these instructions with care.
How to add a Power-on password on your laptop?
1. Turn your computer on.
2. Press the appropriate key to access the BIOS at the system screen. Most systems use the F2 or the DEL key to access the BIOS.
3. The BIOS screen will display. There are several screens within the BIOS. Use your arrow keys to display the Security screen.
4. Use your arrow keys to display the Set User Password or Set System Password and press Enter.
5. Type your password. Press Enter and you may be asked to type your password again for confirmation.
6. Press F10 to save your changes and exit the BIOS screen.
7. Use your arrow keys to highlight YES or OK and press Enter. After that your system will reboot.
How to Reset Power-on password?
1.Power off  your computer
2.Remove the battery pack
3.Remove the backup battery
4.Power on the computer and wait till the POST ends. If the password prompt does not appear then the Power-on password has been reset.
5.Reinstall the backup battery and the battery pack.
By the way, most of us set a password to Windows OS, when you have met with Windows password recovery issue, how to deal with? How to reset forgotten Windows password? It is recommended to take a Windows password reset disk or some kinds of Windows password recovery tools for replace.

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