Monday, June 13, 2011

How to Password Protect a Folder on Windows 7?

Microsoft has added password protection to programs and files to help prevent unauthorized access to important information. If you want to protect your Windows 7 computer, you can use its built-in tools to create a password. Besides, you can also create a Windows 7 password reset disk to in case of a lost Windows 7 password. If you want to secure your Office 2007 Word/Excel files, you can simply password protect these files by security options. Then if you want to password protect a folder on Windows 7, what should you do?
Actually, you can do something similar to password protecting a folder in windows 7 by using its security features. If you are an administrator and have multiple accounts set up in Windows 7, then you can block few important folders so that they cannot be accessed by other users.
1. Right-click your target folder to select Properties. On the coming up window, select Security tab and click Edit to pop up the following window.
2. Select the user from the list whom you want to deny access to a specific folder under "Group and User Names", and check the Deny checkbox next to Modify .
3. Click "OK" and then click "Yes" when a Windows Security window will pops-up. Click "OK" again and you are done. Now the specific user that you selected from the list will be denied access to this folder.
Every time the blocked folder will be accessed, it will ask for administrator password. Therefore the folder will be locked permanently unless you don’t remove the lock yourself. But this method is not highly recommended if you want to a password protect folder. The best method is to seek for third-party folder encryption software, like Truecrypt. With this most popular open-source tool, you create a single file on your computer's hard drive that is encrypted. If someone looks at that file all they see is random data - there's no way to know what that file contains.

How to Reset Dell Windows 7 Password?

"How could I reset Windows  7 password for Dell computer?"  Most of Dell PC users often meet this problem like me, forgot dell password. There are many reasons for losing dell password. If you don’t pick up a good way, it could ruin your days completely. Here I will share my personal successful experience a workable way for Dell Windows 7 password reset with you and hope you get the final answer to unlock dell password.
From now on you do not need to worry about these problems. According to our experience, we would like to recommend you another easier and practical solution--- a third party program. Here we also download Windows Password Unlocker for instance, which is well-recognized and wide-used shareware on Windows password recovery. Now, follow the step-to-step guide and reset Toshiba password within a few minutes.
  • Requirement: A bootable USB flash drive
  • Time: within 5 minutes
  • Recovery Rate: 100%
Step 1: Go to Windows Password Unlocker official site to Download and install it any available PC.
install Windows Password Unlocker
Step 2: After installation the program, insert a USB flash drive for burning an ISO image file
Burn a password reset USB
Step 3: Set your locked Dell PC boot from USB with the password reset disk.
At last article I just shared an a list of the most common models used and the access key used for this process. As a Windows PC user, when you forgot Windows 7 password,  you will need set your PC BIOS boot from USB to reset Windows 7 password with a password reset disk. Hope the infor that I list below will help you a lot.
Step 4: Reset Dell Windows 7 password in minutes. After restart Dell laptop you can login straightly without a password required.
This method is quite easy, even a computer newbie can do it. Within 5 minutes you can access your dell Windows 7 computer to enjoy your playing or studying.

How to Reset the Password on Windows 7 and XP?

We often encounter the Windows password lost or forgotten problem as the computer takes in a so important role in our daily life and work. When I came into Yahoo answer, a well-known question and answer website, I found these problems listed by askers.

Then what would you do if you also meet with the similar problem of Windows password recovery on Windows 7 or Windows xp?
Here, I would like to recommend 2 most common ways according to the  features of Windows 7 and  Windows XP.

1. Reset Windows 7 Password with Fingerprint Logon

This method now can only be used for Windows 7, which is relied on fingerprint biometric device through Windows Biometric Framework. It makes easy for administrators and users to configure and control on a local or domain computer which will prevent from password lost. So as long as you have made a fingerprint for the Windows 7, you will never worry about the forgotten Windows 7 password issue any more.

2. Reset XP Password on Sony Vaio by Default Administrator account

We can use default administrator account for  Windows password recovery. There is a built-in Administrator user account in Windows XP that is auto generated when we install the PC and with password blank. If we didn't change this Administrator's password, then boot system from Safe mode and login in with the accounts to reset lost XP Windows password.
By the way, if necessary, you can take a third party software - Windows Password Unlocker in usage which can not only reset Windows password on Windows7/xp/vista, but also remove the password on Windows domain 2003/2008.

How to Create a Windows 7 Password Reset Disk with 2 Methods?

There is nothing worse than forgetting a windows account password, this period you will lose access to your computer and your data could be ruined completely if you cannot solve your problem all the time.
To avoid such a hot potato, it is necessary for computer users to create a windows 7password reset disk while set a password for a windows account. Then anytime you forgot your computer password, you can use this disk to reset a new password.
There are two methods to create a Windows 7 password reset disk.
Method 1: Create Windows 7 Password Reset disk with Windows Built-in Features
  1. Go to Start->Control Panel->User Account and Family Safety->User Account in order
  2. Click Create a password reset disk and the Forgotten Password Wizard pops up
  3. Click Next and insert a USB flash drive
  4. Follow the Forgotten Password Wizard to complete the operations.
Note: it doesn't support to create windows password reset disk with a CD/DVD or external hard drive by Windows 7 Built-in Features.
Method 2: Create A Windows 7 Password Reset Disk with a Third Party Software
  1. Download Windows Password Unlocker Professional from any available computer which can link to Internet, and then install it.
  2. Run the software and insert a CD/DVD/USB in computer.
  3. Burn your Windows password reset CD/DVD/USB.
  4. Put in your newly created Windows password reset CD/DVD/USB to a locked computer. And then you can follow the wizard to remove or bypass Windows 7 password easily.
Note: Yon can either create a Windows 7 password reset disk with a CD/DVD or a USB flash drive as you like. But Only Windows Password Unlocker Professional and Enterprise version support USB.

Find Out an Efficient Way to Reset Windows Password

If you have spent much time at all working on a PC, you have become quite familiar with having a lost windows password by now. This is one of those gut-wrenching feelings that hits you like a ton of bricks, knowing all your documents and pictures are locked down! What can you do for a quick Windows password recovery?
There are many reasons to need a lost windows password recovered, you don't even have to have forgotten your password. What if you just bought a secondhand PC from a friend, and he doesn't remember the password any longer since he already has a new one? The old PC is nearly useless without being able log in again. But try as he might the old password is long gone. The real solution is to get a program that can find your lost windows password.
Now, are you eager to find out an efficient and fast way to reset the forgotten Windows password?
Yes, it is very easy to login windows with a little finger-glide. But have you experienced that no matter How many times you glide your finger it have no response.In this instance, you might be very afraid of windows password lost by reason that there is a plenty of important data on your PC. Want to repair the fingerprint scanners? It must cost you amount of money instead.
Then, how to do the forgotten Windows password recovery?
Method one: Login with the default administrator account
Step 1: Start Windows PC
Step 2: When you can see the Windows login screen, press ctrl+alt+del keys Twice and it'll show Classic Login box
Step 3: Type Administrator as Username and leave the Password field blank
Step 4: Press the Enter Key and then you can be able to login the default windows administrator account which is it created by default when install windows.
Method two: Use the previous password reset disk
This method describes how to create and use a password reset disk for a computer that is a member of a domain. You can use a password reset disk to gain access to your Microsoft Windows Professional-based computer if you forget your password.
Method three: Take a Windows password recovery software
Windows Password Unlocker is taken as one of the most efficient and powerful Windows password recovery tool in the recovery market. With this efficient Windows password recovery utility, you can enjoy quick access to your locked computer without formatting, no matter what your PC brand and Windows OS are. 100% recovery rate guaranteed.

What Can a USB Flash Drive Do?

A USB flash drive is portable device that we can take it do many things in our daily work.There are some important advanatage of the usb flash drive.
1: Run portable applications
In addition to storing your data, you can run portable applications from a USB flash drive. For example, OpenOffice, which is a complete office suite that includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation tool, drawing package, and database, is available as a portable application. Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird are also available as portable applications. When you combine the office suite with the ability to surf the Web and check email, you’ll be able to take your most vital computing applications with you wherever you go — right in your pocket.
2: Boot an operating system
If you want to do more than just run your own applications, you might want to consider booting an entire operating system from your USB flash drive. You can boot either Windows or Linux from a USB flash drive; however, the process is not an exact science and you may be in for a technical adventure.
3: Create a password reset disk
A password reset disk can really come in handy if you forget the password to your user account on a Windows system that is not a part of a domain. If you find yourself in that situation, you can use the Windows password reset disk to reset your password and quickly get back into your user account. In Windows 7/Vista/XP, you can use USB flash drive rather than a floppy disk as a password reset disk.
4: Password-protect it
If you use a USB flash drive to transport sensitive data that you would prefer to protect from prying eyes, should you lose the drive, Rohos Mini Drive  can safeguard that data. This security tool allows you to create a secret partition on the drive and then password-protect/encrypt that partition, thus protecting any documents you copy to that partition via the utility’s file manager.
5. Reset Windows password
If you lost or forgot Windows password by accident and did not created a Windows password reset disk in advance. What would you do? Of course, you can take a third party software to reset Windows password with usb. Take Windows Password Unlocker for example, it helps to remove or reset the forgotten Windows password by create a  Windows password reset disk with a bootable USB flash drive.