Friday, July 15, 2011

How to Set a Windows 7 Screen Saver Password?

In addition to create a Windows login password and BIOS password, you can also create a screen saver password to keep your computer more secure. It’s well known that Windows 7 automatically brings up a screen saver program after a specified period of inactivity. Adding a Microsoft Windows screen saver password can help protect your computer for the times when you're not in front of your computer.
When you are frequently away from the computer, it’s highly advised to add a screen saver password. You’ll be required for the user's log on password when you move the mouse and try to exit the screen saver
1. Click “Start” and click the “Control Pane”l link, click "Appearance and Personalization" option, Click  "Personalization" link at the top of the window.
2. On the coming window, scroll down through the list of options and click the "Screen Saver" link.

3. Click the check box labeled "On Resume, Display Log On Screen."

4. Click "Apply" and click "OK" to change the setting so the operating system requires your log on password to close the screen saver and return to the desktop.
Note: The screen saver password is the same password that you use when logging on to Windows 7. So if you forgot Windows 7 login password, it means you forgot the screen saver password. And with respect to Windows 7 password, please remember to create a Windows 7 password reset disk to in case of a lost Windows 7 password.

Forgot Domain Administrator Password in Windows Server 2003?

When we forgot the login password to Windows 7/Vista/XP, a recommended way is to use a Windows password reset disk to reset the forgotten Windows 7/Vista/XP password. So if we forgot domain administrator password in Windows server 2003, is it possible to reset this password by taking advantage of a password reset disk? Well, here will show you how to create a password reset disk to reset your forgotten Windows server 2003 domain  password.
Things that you need to prepare:reset windows server 2003 password
1. A PC that you can run as administrator.
2. Blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive
3. Windows Password Unlocker Enterprise
Time it will cost: About 5 minutes
1. Download Windows Password Unlocker Enterprise in a PC that you can run as administrator, and then install and run it.
2. Insert a CD/DVD or USB flash drive in computer, and then create a password reset disk. Please click OK when the disk is created.
3. Insert the password reset disk in the Windows server 2003 machine and power on it.
4. Press F2 to enter BIOS while the machine is booting, and then set CD/DVD or USB as the first boot device in BIOS.
Warning: The key pressed to enter BIOS differs based on manufactures, but the most common key is F2.
5. When the computer restarts automatically with the changed BIOS, you’ll see Windows Password Unlocker with 2 options for you to reset domain administrator password.
Option 1: Reset the fault administrator password.
You can select this option when you forgot the password to the built-in domain administrator account. And you can get back in the domain administrator account with username of “administrator” and password “Pu123456” after password reset.
Option 2: Create a specified domain administrator account
You can select this option when you forgot the password to a domain user with administrator privileges instead of the built-in administrator account. And you can get back in this domain administrator account with username of “Unlocker” and password “Pu123456” after password reset.
6. Select one of the options to reset domain administrator based on your actual needs, and then click Yes to confirm and continue your operation.
7. Click OK when the password is successfully reset. And the computer will restart automatically.
Note: Please remove the bootable disk before clicking OK, otherwise your computer will not restarts to the Windows server 2003 logon screen.
8. When you see the Windows server 2003 logon screen, log on to your domain administrator password by entering the newly-reset password.
Now, you have successfully reset Windows Server 2003 password with this program, sounds easy?  Go to its offcial site and download it immediately.

How to Set BIOS of Acer Computer to Boot from CD/DVD?

Sometimes you may need to boot your computer to a disk instead if the installed operating system. For example, if you forgot Windows password on Acer and want to reset it by using a bootable password reset CD/DVD created through the help of Windows Password Unlocker Professional, you’ll be required to set BIOS of your locked Acer computer to boot from the bootable CD/DVD for Windows password recovery. Here will show you how to boot from CD/DVD in Acer.
1. Power on your Acer computer, and watch for the message to appear on the screen as the system boots up that says, "Press … to enter setup" or similar. Press the keys mentioned in the message simultaneously to enter the BIOS of the laptop.
2. Arrow over to the "Boot" heading on the screen and press the "Enter".
3. On the coming window, arrow down to "Boot Device Priority" and press "Enter" to make it active.
4. Press the right or left arrow to change the device to "CDROM" and press "Enter." Use the arrow key to select "2nd Boot Device" and press "Enter," and then use the right or left arrow to select "Hard Drive" and press "Enter" again.
5. Use the right arrow to move over to the "Exit" option at the top of the BIOS screen and press "Enter."
Please note that how to access the BIOS on your Acer laptop varies from model to model. Not all models access BIOS in the same manner. Following are the most commonly used key to access BIOS of Acer computer.
Acer - Aspire, Power, Veriton, Extensa, Ferrari, TravelMate, Altos
1. Press Del or F2 immediately after power on.
2. The BIOS on the Acer Altos 600 server uses the Ctrl+Alt+Esc key and the F1 key for advanced options.
3. Older Acer computers may use also use the F1 or Ctrl+Alt+Esc keys to access BIOS.
Ok, next time, if you want to reset Windows password on your Acer PC, just boot from a CD/DVD with Windows Password Unlocker. After Bios settings, you can reset your forgotten Windows password with the bootable CD/DVD/USB.

Google Plus Users Top 10 Million; 1 Billion Items Shared Each Day

Google announced its second quarter earnings today and the numbers are a significant reversal from the slight dip the company saw in Q1. Google's gross revenue was $9.03 billion, more than what investors had projected.
CEO Larry Page kicked off the earnings conference call and described not only the financial data but some other notable figures as well: the number of Google Plus users, how much they're sharing, how widely Chrome has been adopted and the current activation rate for Android devices.
  • 10 million Google Plus users
  • 1 billion items a day are being shared on Google Plus
  • 160 million Chrome users
  • 550,000 Android devices are being activated a day, with 160 million overall users
  • +1 Button is being served 2.3 billion times a day
  • $9.03 billion in gross revenue, up 32% from last year
  • $6.23 billion in revenue from Google-owned sites
Page broke Google's projects into three different categories: search and advertising, which are the core drivers of the company's revenue stream; high-usage products like Chrome and YouTube; and new products like Google Plus, Commerce and Local.
Those emerging products aren't monitized, he said, but they can generate "huge new business" for Google over time. He stressed that the company has experience monitizing successful products on a long-term basis. But that growth is also dependent on high customer usage, a point he acknowledged as he talked about Google's future health.
"We have made a good start," he said, "but we are at only 1% of what's possible." Read aeticle from Read Write Web.

Common Solutions on Windows 7 Password Reset

Part of any good computer security strategy is changing your password on a regular basis. A good password is the first line of defense against those who wish to gain access to our computers and the important data they contain.
Windows 7 requires an administrative password to authorize changes to the system by standard user accounts. Changing this password requires altering an administrative user account on the system. You can change the password for any administrator account provided that you are currently logged in as an administrator. Windows includes a password reset utility that allows you to quickly make changes to any account password.
Then, do you know how to reset or bypass Windows 7 password when you forgot? There are some common solutions for your reference.

Solution 1. Try to guess what the password is

Well, don’t misunderstand me while you see this title, for this solution really works to those who set their password according to their interested person or things, such as their favorite star, child’s name or even phone number, etc. So that if you are the one who belongs to this group, why not take a look at some of these ideas to try to guess the lost password out, anyway, compared to other solutions, this is really the easiest and economical way to achieve Windows 7 password reset.
Solution 2: Reset Windows 7 Password with an Installation Disc
As is known, the System Recovery Options, provided by computer manufacturer, offers Windows installation disc or the recovery options which can help for  Windows 7 password reset issues. Now, create an installation disc by yourself.
Step 1. Enter system repair disc into the search box in the Start menu, and then click Create a system repair disc.
Step 2. Insert a blank CD/DVD into the optical drive and click Create disc.
Step 3: The System Recovery Options are displayed, and then reset Windows7 password.
Solution 3: Have a try with a Windows password recovery tool
Windows Password Unlocker is a highly appreciated Windows password recovery toolkit, especially designed for novice or beginners. With this tool, you can get instant access to locked computer without the old password and computer skills. Prepare a bootale CD/DVD or USB flash drive to reset forgotten Windows password.

How Do You Reset Dell Password on Vista?

Resetting a password on a Dell Inspiron varies according to the version of Windows installed on the computer. Most Dell Inspiron  notebooks come with Vista prepackaged. Resetting Windows password depends on a few variables. The easiest way to solve password problems is to create a reset disk. You'll have to reinstall Vista if you've forgotten all of your passwords and do not have a Windows password reset disk. These steps are for a single home computer. If you're part of a domain or network in an office, you should consult your network administrator before proceeding.
Resetting a Password with a Password Reset Disk
Close the "wrong password" message by clicking "OK".
Click "Reset Password".
Insert the reset disk If you're password reset is saved on a flash drive, plug it into a USB port.
Wait for the Password Reset Wizard to pop up.
Follow the Password Reset Wizard is it guides you through the process.
Log into Windows with the new password. Should you forget this one, the same reset disk can be reused.
Reset Windows password On Dell with Ophcrack
Except a Windows password reset disk, you can also reset Dell password with a third party software. Ophcrack is one of the best freeware for Windows password recovery based on rainbow tables. Once you forgot Windows Vista password on Dell, it is a good choice to download the version compatible with Dell PCs. However, many Windows users failed to recover Windows password as its  large ISO file which is more than 496MB.
Reset Windows Password with Windows Password Unlocker
Windows Password Unlocker is an efficient and well-recognized Windows password recovery tool, which is popular with Windows users and compatible for Dell password reset on Vista. You can reset the password by a bootable CD/DVD/USB without any data or files loss.

Reset Your Windows Password for Vista/XP

Both Windows Vista and XP have a user password control utility that allows you to reset a user's password. This utility is convenient if you forgot one of your user passwords or you want to reset a user password for a friend or coworker who logs in to the desktop. The administrator can reset  Windows password on each of the user configured on the Windows system.
Method 1:
Step 1: Click the Windows "Start" button. If you have XP, click "Run." Windows Vista has the command text box directly in the "Start" menu popup. Type "control userpasswords2" and press "Enter" to open the utility.
Step 2: Click the user name you want to edit. Click the "Reset Password" button at the bottom of the user list. This button opens a new window where you type the new password.
Step 3: Type the new password in the "Password" text box. Type it again in the "Confirmation" text box. Click "OK" to save the settings. Repeat this step for each user you want to change.
Method 2:
If you have an available account with admin right, you can reset Windows Vista/XP password in Safe Mode. Safe mode is an optional method of loading Windows with the minimal number of drivers. This basic mode allows you to troubleshoot computer problems and to gain access if you have forgotten a user account password.
Step 1: Boot into safe mode by clicking "Start" and then the "Shutdown" option, and then from the drop-down menu click "Restart Computer." After the computer screen goes blank, hold down the F8 key until the Boot Menu appears.
Step 2: Log in as Administrator by entering the administrator password in the "Password" field. If there was no administrator password set, leave it blank.
Step 3: Open the Control Panel by clicking "Start" and then "Control Panel." Choose "User Accounts" and then "Change an Account." Click on the account for which you need to change the password. Choose "Change the password," and type a new password.
Method 3:
Well, there are also other ways to reset Windows password on Windows Vista/XP with Windows password recovery tool. Window Password Unlocker is such a kind, which allows to reset the forgotten Windows Vista/XP password with a bootable CD/DVD/USB flash drive.  4 steps you can follow to change or recover the password.
1. Download and install Windows Password Unlocker Professional
2. Burn a bootable CD/DVD or USB to remove lost Windows password.
3. Set your target computer to boot from CDROM or USB flash drive
4. Insert the burned CD/DVD or USB flash drive into the locked computer and reset password successfully.

How to Change Windows Password with CMD?

Using the Command Prompt (CMD) to reset user passwords in Microsoft Windows can be quicker than going through the graphical user interface. Changing Windows  passwords requires administrative privileges, however, which means you must log on as an administrator with the appropriate password. Microsoft recommends that users run their computers without administrative privileges most of the time to protect against viruses. The Command Prompt, which requires older operating system commands, is used most often by advanced users and repair technicians.
Then, how to reset your forgotten Windows password with CMD?
Step 1: Click "Start" and "Run" in Windows XP/7 or the round Windows symbol in Windows Vista on the bottom left of your screen. A search box will appear. Type "cmd" in the search box.
Step 2: Click the "Control," "Shift" and "Enter" keys simultaneously. A window will appear with an option to run the program as an administrator. Click this option and enter the administrator password if prompted. The Command Prompt will appear in a small box on the screen. The first line may read C:\WINDOWS\system32> on most computers.
Step 3: Type the words "net user" without quote marks after the > symbol. Leave a space before this command. A list of users of the computer will appear.
Step 4: Type "net user User Name New Password," substituting the user's name for User Name and the new password for New Password. It may be necessary to type an asterisk between User Name and New Password in some versions of Windows. For example, to change the password of a user named Bill to football, type "net user Bill * football" A message will appear that the password change command was executed successfully.
1. You must log on with an available account with admin privilege.
2. Administrator access to the Command Prompt also can be achieved directly from the command line by using the "run as" command. Type "runas /profile /env /user:COMPUTER NAME\administrator cmd" and enter the administrator password when prompted. Without the administrator password, it may be impossible to change  Windows password on any users.
Of course ,if you are the only administrator and forgot the password, you can not reset it with CMD, then you can also reset Windows password with a third party software, like Windows Password Unlocker, an efficient and powerful tool to reset both admin and user passwords.