Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What Can You Do When Forgot Windows 7 Password

Problem: I forgot the password to my Sony Vaio laptop?
I am the only administrator for my laptop, and I recently changed the password to the account, and so now I am locked out! I have no CD, or programs I can use! Someone please help me, how can I reset my password? i own the Sony vaio , windows 7, please help me.Solution 1: Reset forgotten Windows 7 password on your own
It dawns on you that resetting a lost Windows 7 password is not a difficult job as you imagine as long as you have a easy-to-use yet powerful Windows password reset tool. If you are not good at computer, it’s highly suggested to use Windows Password Unlocker. It allows all users to easily bypass forgotten Widows password by creating a bootable password reset USB. No matter how long and complicated your lost password is, you are able to get back into the locked computer in minutes by yourself. No old password required, no Windows reinstallation required, no need to resort to other.
1. Download and install Windows Password Unlocker .
2. Create a bootable password reset USB.
3. Set Bios of your Sony laptop boot from USB.
4. Reset forgotten Windows 7 password to blank.
5. Log on to the Sony computer without password.
Solution 2: Bypass Windows 7 password in safe mode
1. Restart your machine tap the f8 key while its rebooting and a black screen will come up asking how you want to start the computer.
2. Choose start in safe mode
3. Hopefully you will see an account called "Administrator" (you wouldn't see it when you load windows normally).
4. Depending on who set your computer up, the admin account is often not password protected so click and log in
5. One in safe mode, go to the control panel (Start Menu -> Control Panel) and click "Users and Accounts"
6. From here you can change or remove your password for the other account. Once you have restart the computer normally and login with your actual account!
Another convenient way to deal with this situation is to call Sony customer service and explain them the situation. You can also take other ways to reset the forgotten Windows 7 password with ease, like a Windows password reset disk or reset it from safe mode and so on

Ways to Recover MS Excel Password on Windows and Mac

The Macintosh-based Microsoft Excel program can be locked with a password so only an authorized user can activate its functions once it has been launched. But sometimes it can be an terrible thing to get through for us if we forfot or lost Excel password. Whether you are a Windows user or a mac user, there are still ways for you to recover Excel password without data loss.
How to Recover Excel password on Windows?
There are a lot of Excel password recovery tools to do this job if we forgot Excel password. Excel Password Unlocker is one of the popular tool which can effectively recover lost or forgotten password from encrypted MS Office Excel 97-2007 files through 3 tpyes of attacks. It allows you to enjoy a higher speed in recovering lost MS Excel password than many other similar applications by using the advanced search algorithm. And multi-core CPU and NVIDIA CUDA technologies will be soon available.
Guide Instructions following:Step 1:Download Excel Password Unlocker and install it.
Step 2:Click Open and select the file you need.
Step 3: Choose an attack type to recover Excel 2007 password.
Step 4: Attack settings.
Step 5: Click Start on the taskbar, and when the operation finished, you will recover Excel password successfully.
How to Recover Excel password on a Mac?
Next is the step-by-step guide for you to recover ms excel password on Mac.
Step 1: Launch the Keychain Access program. On the Mac's main hard drive, double-click the "Applications" folder, then the "Utilities" folder, then the "Keychain Access" icon.
Step 2:Click on "Passwords" in the left column of the Keychain Access program's main screen.
Step 3:Click the "Name" column at the top left of the Keychain Access program's main screen. This will alphabetize the list of names.
Step 4:Scroll down the list until you come to "Excel." Click once on "Excel." Press "Command I" to bring up an information window.
Step 5:Click on the "Attributes" tab at the top of the window that opens. Check the "Show password" check box at the lower left corner of the window.
Step 6:Enter the administrator's password in the "Password" field of the pop-up window that appears. Click on the "Allow" button at the right bottom corner of the pop-up window.
Step 7:Read the password for the Excel program that is now listed next to the "Show password" check box. Close the window by clicking the red button at the upper left corner. Quit the Keychain Access program.