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System Recovery Options - the Built-in Features on Windows 7

When it comes to Windows computer, sometimes we, the PC technicians are faced with Windows that is unbootable because a portion of the essential file, for example boot.ini, ntldr and etc are mysteriously missing. Unfortunately rescuing Windows XP from the recovery console by booting up with the installation disc requires some knowledge such as fixmbr, fixboot,. However if you did it wrongly, you can make the whole partition go missing and you would then have to lie to your customer that a virus has wiped out everything just to save your own skin.
In Windows 7, one of my favorite built-in tool that can be found on Windows 7 is the System Recover Options. Any Windows 7 user enables to boot in to that environment by pressing the F8 key when starting up the computer. Upon seeing Advanced Boot Option, select Repair Your Computer and it will bring you to System Recovery Options. It allows you to easily and automatically fix problems that are preventing Windows from starting.
The System Recovery Options menu contains several tools, such as Startup Repair, that can help you recover Windows from a serious error. This set of tools is on your computer's hard disk and on the Windows installation disc. The list of options given are these:

Startup Repair – Fixes certain problems, such as missing or damaged system files, that might prevent Windows from starting correctly. For more information.
System Restore - Restores your computer's system files to an earlier point in time without affecting your files, such as e‑mail, documents, or photos.
If you use System Restore from the System Recovery Options menu, you cannot undo the restore operation. However, you can run System Restore again and choose a different restore point, if one exists.
System Image Recovery – You need to have created a system image beforehand to use this option. A system image is a personalized backup of the partition that contains Windows, and includes programs and user data, like documents, pictures, and music.
Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool – Check your computer for memory hardware errors
Command Prompt - Open a command prompt window, advanced users can use Command Prompt to perform recovery-related operations and also run other command line tools for diagnosing and troubleshooting problems.
As useful as it is, Windows 7 offers users to create a system repair disc which allows you to access the System Recovery Options when the Windows bootloader is gone.  Meanwhile, lots of Windows 7 PC users always forgot Windows 7 password by carefuless. Creating Windows 7 password reset disk by the Windows 7 built-in feature is another kindful options for PC user.

How to Reset the Forgotten Password on Windows 7?

Setting a Windows password keeps your computer secure and protected in the event that it is stolen. However, if you forget your Windows password, you find yourself in a frustrating situation. Windows Vista and Windows 7 include a password reset disk, which you must create when setting or resetting your password on Windows 7 so that you may use it for future lost passwords. Without a password reset disk, your options include reinstalling Windows, logging on as an administrator and using password recovery software.
Now, some details on how to do your Windows 7 password reset when you accidently forgot or lost the password for login.
Solution 1. Boot Windows with the password reset disk if you had previously created one. The reset disk will provide you with on-screen instructions that allow you to log on to your computer and reset the password that you no longer remember.
Solution 2. Log in to your system as the administrator to reset W indows 7 password on other user account if possible. If you still remember the administrator password, you can utilize this information to gain access to the computer and change the user password. Depending on your version of Windows, you may need to boot the system in safe mode in order to access the administrator menus.
Solution 3. Purchase a Windows 7 password recovery program from a computer store. You may also be able to locate recovery programs on the Internet for purchase or for free. If you download a program like Windows Password Unlocker, over the Internet on a different computer, transfer the program onto a CD, disk or thumb drive so that you can move it onto your locked computer. You can go to Windows Password Unlocker official site to learn more and download this program.
Solution 4. Reinstall Windows using the Windows setup CD or disk. While completing the installation, do not overwrite the original installation so that in the future you can access that installation if you remember your password. By installing Windows a second time, you will be able to use the computer without having to reset a password.

Ways to Reset Acer Aspire Password in a High Speed

Windows operating systems allow you to set up an administrator password, which prevents unauthorized users from downloading applications and making system changes without your permission. If you have forgotten your administrator password, you can reset it easily and create a new one that you can use to log into Windows. Since Acer Aspire computers use Windows operating systems, resetting your password is a simple process you can accomplish in minutes. Here are the method to reset Acer Aspire password you can follow with the Windows password reset disk created in advance:
Step 1: Restart the Acer Aspire. When Windows boots up, select the username you want to reset the password for and press "Enter."
Step 2: Click "Use your password reset disk" to launch the password reset wizard. The password reset wizard enables you to create a new password for your user account.
Step 3: Click "Next" on the password reset wizard and insert the password reset disk. Click "Next." Type your new password in the "Type a new password" box and type the password again in the confirmation box.
Step 4 wi: Type a hint to you use in case you forget your password next time. Click "Finish" to activate your new password. Restart your computer and log on to Windows using your new password.
Of course, some other methods to reset Windows password are also portable and available. If you have another available admin account and password, you can easily reset Acer Aspire password.
Another way is to download a Windows password recovery tool from a webiste or software company. Take Ophcrack as example, it is taken as one of the best freeware for resetting Windows password. Ophcrack LiveCD is a completely self contained, bootable version of Ophcrack. But the shortcoming is that you may fail because this operation depends on rainbow table which is a little complex and difficult for a unskilled user. As this, Windows Password Unlocker may be your choice to reset Acer password with easy and quick clicks by a bootable CD/DVD/USB.

2 Ways to Speed Up Your Computer with Ease

Have you found that your PC nowsdays runs  a little slowly? Have you ever thought of that how to speed up your computer?
Most people do one of the following when their computer begins to slow down:
  1. Speed up their computer by buying more memory.
  2. Try to tweak their computer's settings.
  3. Give up. They figure that their computer is old, there's nothing else they can do, and it's probably time to buy a new computer.
All these solutions can help increase PC speed. However, what's to keep your newly blazing PC from slowing down again after a couple months or years? A badly fragmented hard drive will bring even a top-of-the-line new computer to a grinding halt.
One option is to create a preventive PC maintenance plan—a computer maintenance schedule that's easy to set up and put in motion so you never have to think about it again. The plan outlined in this paper uses tools that are built in to your Windows operating system, including Disk Defragmenter, so they can be run free of charge as often as you like.
The following sections provide information on how to automate a maintenance schedule to help keep your PC running smoothly. These procedures differ from version to version, but overall you'll find these tasks work for Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.
Create a preventive maintenance plan for your computer
When people notice their computer's performance slowing, the most common reason is the hard disk. Your computer's hard disk is a non-removable area that holds all the information available from your computer. Over time, hard disks begin to lose their ability to store data efficiently.
Clean up your hard disk
Your computer amasses temporary files over time. These files can come from any number of sources, with the web being one of the largest offenders. After a while, these temporary files will slow down your computer.
Well, this is a basic and elemental way to do with our PC for running speedly . By the way, there is another vital trouble surounding with you sometimes that how to reset Windows password if you forgot by accident? Then how to do with that? Is there any solutions for that? A Windows password reset disk or Windows password recovery tool is a need to solve the trouble before you give up.

Solutions to Fix Common PC Problems When You Met with

Having trouble with your computer? You've come to the right place. Even if you don't know a computer language (or want to), you can solve several common PC problems on your own.
In this article, we offer many ways to do what you need to do in Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Often, there may not be a Help topic for Windows XP, but the process is often the same as in Windows 7 or Windows Vista. The only difference is usually where to find the link in Control Panel. Most often, it’s just a matter of slightly different wording in the heading or the text describing the task. Don’t worry. If you search in Control Panel, you’ll usually find the link you need.
Here lists two of the common PC problems which  we always met with in daily life.
Software errors
If programs refuse to install, won't appear on your desktop, can't seem to run without freezing, don't load at a decent speed or function properly, or Internet access is unavailable, here's how to troubleshoot:
1. Check available hard drive space. Roughly 5 to 10 percent of your hard drive's total storage allotment should be left free to ensure optimum system performance in Windows 7 and Windows Vista, prevent crashes, and keep Windows running at top speed.
2.Uninstall or delete unwanted programs in Windows 7 or Windows Vista to cut down on clutter and remove any drain on your system's resources.
3.Disable programs you don't use to in Windows 7 or Windows Vista by preventing them from automatically loading when Windows starts. If you’re running Windows 7, restart your computer, and try the program again.
Hardware trouble
Should equipment fail to turn on, be recognized by your system, or function properly, follow these steps to address some of the most common hardware issues:
1. Determine that equipment has been assembled correctly, by consulting your product manual or referencing the manufacturer's website.
2. Check to see whether equipment is properly connected to your PC by making sure all cables are securely plugged into the correct ports.
3. Confirm that you're using the latest drivers for your hardware. Manufacturers routinely issue patches to correct errors and inconsistencies that users encounter.
Windows Password Recovery Trouble
Well, except the troubles on software and hardware, there is also another main trouble which often makes annoying to Windows users if they forgot Windows password on Windows 7/Vista/XP. As the password plays an important part for files or data security. Thus how to fix up the situation? Is there any way to reset Windows password with ease? As is known that, a third party software Windows Password Unlocker can do well on this with a bootable CD/DVD/USB.

How to Set BIOS to Boot from CD in HP Computer?How to Set BIOS to Boot from CD in HP Computer?

As a professional Windows password recovery provider, we often receive questions from customers about BIOS settings. Why? Setting BIOS to boot from CD is required if you need to reset a forgotten Windows password with Windows Password Unlocker, but few users about the BIOS settings. The detailed steps are listed as below:
Step 1: Download Windows Password Unlocker, then install or launch it.
Step 2: Burn a bootable password reset disk with a CD/DVD or USB flash drive.
Step 3: Set BIOS of your locked computer to boot from CD/DVD or USB.
Step 4: Reset lost or forgotten Windows password after booting successfully.
Step 5: Log on to your computer without password after password reset.
Although there’s an easy image step-by-step tutorial on its official website, it seems many users ignore it. But it is of no importance, you can follow the instructions listed below if you don’t know how to set BIOS to boot from CD in HP computer.
1. Start or restart your HP computer, and press the right key to access BIOS while computer is booting.
The key to be pressed to access BIOS differs based on different models of Dell computers, but the most common used key is F2.
Important:  You are able to know the right key should press to enter your HP computer BIOS if you can see a message that will say “Press … to enter setup” or similar. Press the key mentioned in the message immediately when you see it.
2.  Select Boot Device Proiority Item and Press Enter to select 1stboot Device.
3.  Press <down arrow> to sellect ATAPICD-ROM.
4. Press <F10> to Save and exit Setup.
Your computer will restart automatically with changed BIOS, and then you will see all your user accounts on your computer. It means that you can start to reset your lost Windows password.

5 Leaks on the New Windows 8 Smartphone Operating System Improvements

The Windows 8 promises some great improvements for those who love to use their smartphone. The new operating systemwill allow us to have the same operating system on our tablet, laptop and smartphone. This will be the first time we have had this as a reality. The closest thing to this has been Apple’s iPhone (iOS) and the operating system on Apple Macs (OS X). At the same time, Apple has not provided an operating system that is the same on both types of device. According to rumours, there are some significant improvements for Windows 8 and smartphones. Here is a look at those rumours.

1: Language

Windows 8 phones will have support for 22 languages, each with their own input method. Handwriting support is also supposedly included. This is extremely important for Asian users. Keyboard sizes can be adjusted and are easy to use.
2: Connectivity
Connecting to the internet and through WAN networks with personal settings are set to be easier to arrange and organise. Setting a proxy server is becoming more important as users travel around the globe and still need access to their own country’s services and media content. Personalisation of these settings is rumoured to be much easier.

3: Lunar

The lunar calendar is very important to a number of cultures and societies, particularly in Asia. Lunar calendar support will be popular with Asian customers, and it seen as crucial for any device to be considered by the Asian market.

4: Facebook

Facebook is becoming increasingly important. Many internet and data connection providers are even offering unlimited free access for Facebook on their connections to get more customers. The new operating system apparently integrates Facebook in a deeper and more intrinsic level on the phone’s operating system. Facebook functions such as chat, like and other common tools will be built into many elements of the operating system.

5: Xbox Live

Microsoft acquired Xbox and developed Live some time ago. This has still been a part of the world of gaming, rather than something that has been regularly used by normal smartphone users. Rumours are circulating that much more of the Xbox services will be available on the smartphone, and other phone features will be available, such as messaging and text messaging, through the Xbox. It makes sense to integrate these services and products, as many younger users, who were at the core of the Xbox consumer base are growing older and using smartphones.
The Windows 8 upgrade for Windows phones promises a lot. Let’s hope we get the operating system as soon as possible and the upgrade and updates are as good, if not better, than the rumours and what we have seen in demonstrations.

How to Gain Access PC When You Forgot Windows Password?

With all versions of Windows, you can create multiple user names and passwords in order to keep your files secure. Changing or resetting Windows password is a simple process, even if you don't have the password. If you are not logged in with your user name and have forgotten Windows  password, you can log in as an administrator, remove your old password and replace it with a new password. Resetting your password regularly helps keep your computer safe.
Here, just follow my instructions below and you will gain access back to your windows account and password.
1. Reboot your windows , once it starts up, keep clicking f8 , this should bring you to safe mode, start windows automatically under safe mode and follow these steps below .
2. Once you're in safe mode, On the bottom of your screen, click "start" menu , Go in to your control panel, find user accounts , click on that.
3. Go into user accounts and find your log in screen name you use example " duckie , and delete password log in, after you have done that now you can restart your system , it should just log you right in automatically without asking for your password.
4. Once you have completed the above steps, go back in to your user account and create yourself a new password and don't forget it this time, it's always safe to run windows with a password and login screen name.
As there are so many passwords surrouding us, like windows login password, email password,  password for bank etc. , it is not easy to remember them all. Thus, some suggestions are available for you to avoid password forogtten or lost.
Tip 1: Write down all your password on a secret notebook and restore it in a safe place
Tip 2: create a password that is not  so complex
Tip 3:  if you are going to set a password for your Windows, it is  better to create a Windows password reset disk or password hint at the time.
Tip 4: change the password regurally.

Windows 7′s Market Share Doubles In One Year’s Time

Windows 7′s drive to dethrone Windows XP as the world’s most used operating system continues. Microsoft’s latest operating system, out for 21 months recently broke the 25% mark according to Net Market Share. The company recorded a market share of 27.13% at the end of June 2011 which is roughly twice the market share that it had a year ago.
When you look at the performance of Windows 7 you will notice that the market share of the operating system rises about one percent per month while Windows XP drops a little less than that per month. If the trend continues, and everything that we have seen and heard suggests that, we might see Windows 7 at the top in 12 months time.
Windows XP is closing in on the 50% market share mark and will drop below that mark in the coming months. A significant drop like last month’s, where XP lost 1.28% market share would be enough to drop below that mark.

The release of Windows 8 in the next year could further speed up the decline of Windows XP. On the other hand it is relatively safe to say that Windows 7 sales will drop considerably when Microsoft releases Windows 8 to the public.
Still, a release of Windows 8 is likely not going to happen in the next twelve months, which should give Windows 7 enough time to become the most used operating system in the world.
The numbers have to be taken with a grain of salt considering that the numbers cannot be completely accurate. A simple look at another company’s market share statistics reveals why. The OS Statistics at W3cSchools see Windows 7 at a market share of more than 35% in May 2011, and XP at 40%. That’s a big difference t the 27% and 51% of Net Market Share.
It is usually better to look at the trend and not at absolute figures. The trend is very similar on sites that monitor operating system market shares. Windows 7 is going up, XP and Vista are going down.
Thus, we Windows 7 users should pay more attention on the troubles of conditions of Windows 7, like system recovery, Windows 7 password reset or  Windows updates etc.
Source from: http://www.windows7news.com/2011/07/04/windows-7s-market-share-doubles-years-time/

How to Reset Windows Password Online?

Losing your Windows administrator password can be a real pain. In addition, you won't be able to change to a new password unless you know the old one. You could go online to download some third-party password recovery software to help reset your login information; however, these free programs typically contain spyware, trojans and all sorts of malware that could harm your computer and even put your personal information at risk. The best solution is to log into your account in "Classic Mode". It takes a short time to help reset Windows password.
Step 1: Turn on your computer  or restart it if it is already on.
Step 2: Press the "Ctrl," "Alt" and "Delete" keys simultaneously twice in a row when you see the Windows Login to enter "Windows Classic Login."
Step 3: Type "Administrator" as your username and then press "Login."
Step 4: Access your "Control Panel" after you are logged in.
Step 5: Open the "User Accounts And Family Safety" menu.
Step 6: Double-click on the "Administrator Account" icon.
Step 7: Select "Change Password".
Step 8: Type in your new password, and then press "Ok" to finish resetting your password.
Well, as is said above that, you can also reset the forgotten Windows password online with a third party software. Make sure you are online, and then download a tool named Windows Password Unlocker from it s official site.  Windows Password Unlocker is taken as one of the best toolkit in the market that easily and efficiently reset Windows password on local and domain account for Windows 7/XP/Vista/Server 2003(R2)/2008(R2). It lets you recover the lost password with a bootable CD/DVD/USB. There are totally 4 simple steps to follows:
1. Download Windows Password Unlocker Professional on any available PC and install it.
2. Burn a bootable CD/DVD/USB drive with this program in minutes
3. Bios settings
4. Reset  Windows password in a few mimutes sucessfully.

How to Do System Recovery Options?

System Recovery Option is a useful tool in Microsoft Windows. If you have a system failure or another problem on your computer, such as forgotten Windows password trouble,  it can return your PC's system files and programs to a time when everything was working fine, potentially preventing hours of troubleshooting headaches. It won't affect your documents, pictures, or other data. However, sometimes upon doing a System Restore, you'll find that the problems are still there--or perhaps are even worse. At this point it may be a good idea to undo the System Restore and try to solve the problem with your computer a different way.
1. First try a system restore using your start menu and typing restore in the search box. Follow directions after clicking the restore icon. Restore to the recommended restore point.
Note: Make sure you run system restore in safe mode.
2. If system restore does not fix your problem, then do a system recovery. Mainly HPs and Compaqs have a built in system recovery. Acer laptops have a built in recovery as well.
3.First try to make back up files of all your important documents, pictures, music and/or videos. You can do this my writing these files to a CD/DVD, flash drive, or an external hard drive.
4. Once you have all files backed up, then you are ready to do a system recovery Make sure your computer is turned off.
5.Turn computer on and keep hitting the F11 key, which is the most common key used for system recovery. You will see what F key to use by watching for it as you boot up. Follow instructions after your computer starts system recovery.
Note: Remember this; if you don't back up your files before a system recovery, then they will be lost.

Though this System recovery options can help us solve the forgotten Windows password, it is best to reset Windows password with a third party software. They are professional and powerful to the password lost trouble.