Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Windows 7′s Market Share Doubles In One Year’s Time

Windows 7′s drive to dethrone Windows XP as the world’s most used operating system continues. Microsoft’s latest operating system, out for 21 months recently broke the 25% mark according to Net Market Share. The company recorded a market share of 27.13% at the end of June 2011 which is roughly twice the market share that it had a year ago.
When you look at the performance of Windows 7 you will notice that the market share of the operating system rises about one percent per month while Windows XP drops a little less than that per month. If the trend continues, and everything that we have seen and heard suggests that, we might see Windows 7 at the top in 12 months time.
Windows XP is closing in on the 50% market share mark and will drop below that mark in the coming months. A significant drop like last month’s, where XP lost 1.28% market share would be enough to drop below that mark.

The release of Windows 8 in the next year could further speed up the decline of Windows XP. On the other hand it is relatively safe to say that Windows 7 sales will drop considerably when Microsoft releases Windows 8 to the public.
Still, a release of Windows 8 is likely not going to happen in the next twelve months, which should give Windows 7 enough time to become the most used operating system in the world.
The numbers have to be taken with a grain of salt considering that the numbers cannot be completely accurate. A simple look at another company’s market share statistics reveals why. The OS Statistics at W3cSchools see Windows 7 at a market share of more than 35% in May 2011, and XP at 40%. That’s a big difference t the 27% and 51% of Net Market Share.
It is usually better to look at the trend and not at absolute figures. The trend is very similar on sites that monitor operating system market shares. Windows 7 is going up, XP and Vista are going down.
Thus, we Windows 7 users should pay more attention on the troubles of conditions of Windows 7, like system recovery, Windows 7 password reset or  Windows updates etc.
Source from: http://www.windows7news.com/2011/07/04/windows-7s-market-share-doubles-years-time/

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