Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How to Reset the Forgotten Password on Windows 7?

Setting a Windows password keeps your computer secure and protected in the event that it is stolen. However, if you forget your Windows password, you find yourself in a frustrating situation. Windows Vista and Windows 7 include a password reset disk, which you must create when setting or resetting your password on Windows 7 so that you may use it for future lost passwords. Without a password reset disk, your options include reinstalling Windows, logging on as an administrator and using password recovery software.
Now, some details on how to do your Windows 7 password reset when you accidently forgot or lost the password for login.
Solution 1. Boot Windows with the password reset disk if you had previously created one. The reset disk will provide you with on-screen instructions that allow you to log on to your computer and reset the password that you no longer remember.
Solution 2. Log in to your system as the administrator to reset W indows 7 password on other user account if possible. If you still remember the administrator password, you can utilize this information to gain access to the computer and change the user password. Depending on your version of Windows, you may need to boot the system in safe mode in order to access the administrator menus.
Solution 3. Purchase a Windows 7 password recovery program from a computer store. You may also be able to locate recovery programs on the Internet for purchase or for free. If you download a program like Windows Password Unlocker, over the Internet on a different computer, transfer the program onto a CD, disk or thumb drive so that you can move it onto your locked computer. You can go to Windows Password Unlocker official site to learn more and download this program.
Solution 4. Reinstall Windows using the Windows setup CD or disk. While completing the installation, do not overwrite the original installation so that in the future you can access that installation if you remember your password. By installing Windows a second time, you will be able to use the computer without having to reset a password.


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