Tuesday, July 5, 2011

2 Ways to Speed Up Your Computer with Ease

Have you found that your PC nowsdays runs  a little slowly? Have you ever thought of that how to speed up your computer?
Most people do one of the following when their computer begins to slow down:
  1. Speed up their computer by buying more memory.
  2. Try to tweak their computer's settings.
  3. Give up. They figure that their computer is old, there's nothing else they can do, and it's probably time to buy a new computer.
All these solutions can help increase PC speed. However, what's to keep your newly blazing PC from slowing down again after a couple months or years? A badly fragmented hard drive will bring even a top-of-the-line new computer to a grinding halt.
One option is to create a preventive PC maintenance plan—a computer maintenance schedule that's easy to set up and put in motion so you never have to think about it again. The plan outlined in this paper uses tools that are built in to your Windows operating system, including Disk Defragmenter, so they can be run free of charge as often as you like.
The following sections provide information on how to automate a maintenance schedule to help keep your PC running smoothly. These procedures differ from version to version, but overall you'll find these tasks work for Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.
Create a preventive maintenance plan for your computer
When people notice their computer's performance slowing, the most common reason is the hard disk. Your computer's hard disk is a non-removable area that holds all the information available from your computer. Over time, hard disks begin to lose their ability to store data efficiently.
Clean up your hard disk
Your computer amasses temporary files over time. These files can come from any number of sources, with the web being one of the largest offenders. After a while, these temporary files will slow down your computer.
Well, this is a basic and elemental way to do with our PC for running speedly . By the way, there is another vital trouble surounding with you sometimes that how to reset Windows password if you forgot by accident? Then how to do with that? Is there any solutions for that? A Windows password reset disk or Windows password recovery tool is a need to solve the trouble before you give up.

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