Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ways to Reset Acer Aspire Password in a High Speed

Windows operating systems allow you to set up an administrator password, which prevents unauthorized users from downloading applications and making system changes without your permission. If you have forgotten your administrator password, you can reset it easily and create a new one that you can use to log into Windows. Since Acer Aspire computers use Windows operating systems, resetting your password is a simple process you can accomplish in minutes. Here are the method to reset Acer Aspire password you can follow with the Windows password reset disk created in advance:
Step 1: Restart the Acer Aspire. When Windows boots up, select the username you want to reset the password for and press "Enter."
Step 2: Click "Use your password reset disk" to launch the password reset wizard. The password reset wizard enables you to create a new password for your user account.
Step 3: Click "Next" on the password reset wizard and insert the password reset disk. Click "Next." Type your new password in the "Type a new password" box and type the password again in the confirmation box.
Step 4 wi: Type a hint to you use in case you forget your password next time. Click "Finish" to activate your new password. Restart your computer and log on to Windows using your new password.
Of course, some other methods to reset Windows password are also portable and available. If you have another available admin account and password, you can easily reset Acer Aspire password.
Another way is to download a Windows password recovery tool from a webiste or software company. Take Ophcrack as example, it is taken as one of the best freeware for resetting Windows password. Ophcrack LiveCD is a completely self contained, bootable version of Ophcrack. But the shortcoming is that you may fail because this operation depends on rainbow table which is a little complex and difficult for a unskilled user. As this, Windows Password Unlocker may be your choice to reset Acer password with easy and quick clicks by a bootable CD/DVD/USB.

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