Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Forgot My Password for Windows 7, How to Do?

One can easily forgot Windows 7 password under different circumstances, but never feel frustrated as you can easily reset it and get back in your Windows computer in a few minutes.
Question: I forgot my password for Windows 7?
I changed my password for my windows 7 computer and the password is different with  what I put. It happened several weeks ago, and it was just an old password, but it’s not this time.
Concerning the problem that I forgot my Windows 7 password, here’re 2 handy tips.
Tip 1: Use Windows Password Unlocker
Whenever you forgot Windows 7 login password, Windows Password Unlocker is able to get you out of the terrible situation effectively. With this reliable Windows password reset tool, you can instantly remove your lost Windows 7 password and gain access to your computer data in 5 minutes.
Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Unlocker Professional.
Step 2: Burn a bootable password reset disk with a CD/DVD or USB flash drive.
Step 3. Set BIOS of Windows 7 computer to boot from bootable disk.
Step 4. Reset Windows 7 password to blank.
Step 5. Log on to Windows 7 PC without password.
Tip 2: Use password reset disk
If you had created a password reset disk for your Windows 7 user account before the password is lost, take out the password reset disk, inset in computer and follow the steps listed below.
1. Start or restart your Windows 7 computer to the logon screen.
2. Click your target user account, and press Enter.
3. Click Ok to close the coming up error message.
4. A “Password Reset” link will appear. Click on the link.
5. A password reset wizard will pop up. Click "Next" button and follow the wizard to do your forgotten  Windows 7 password  reset to a new one.
Of course, you can opt for system restore with the help of setup CD or system repair disc. Besides, reinstalling Windows is another effective solution, though it is often regarded as the last choice.

FAQ about Forgot HP Windows Administrator Password

Question: I have hp pavilion dv4 laptop. I forgot my administrator password. It's got fingerprint security system also. I can open my account with the help of finger security system but how can I change my password?
Procedure 1: Another available Windows administrator Account

1. Log on to the administrator account that you will use to reset the forgotten Windows password.
2. Open Local Users and Groups by clicking the Start button, typing lusrmgr.msc into the Search box, and then pressing ENTER.‌
3. Double-click Local Users and Groups, and then click Users.
4. Right-click the account that you need to reset the password for, and then click Set Password.
5. Type and confirm the new password.
Procedure 2:
Create password reset disk:
1. Open User Accounts by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking User Accounts and Family Safety, and then clicking User Accounts.
2. In the left pane, click Create a password reset disk, and then follow the instructions. Make sure you store the password reset disk in a safe place.

Reset password using reset disk:
You will not be able to follow these steps if you have locked your computer.
1. If you have typed the wrong password, you'll receive a message that says your user name or password is incorrect. When this message appears, click OK.
2. Click Reset password, and then follow the instructions.

What Measures to Crack Windows 7 Password?

If there's an account on your computer you forgot the password to, you can recover the password. It's stored in the Windows registry--it's just buried and encrypted. But you can easily get back into that account if you know what you're doing. All you need is the right software to uncrack the account and you'll have full access to your computer back. Here are some effcient ways to crack Windows 7 password when you can not login with a wrong password or a limited account and password.
Method 1:  a Windows Password Reset Disk
Step 1: Click "Start" and then click your user icon to open "User Accounts."
Step 2: Click "Create Password Reset Disk" on the upper-left side. Click "Next" once the "Welcome to the Forgotten Password Wizard" page pops up.
Step 3: Select the removable drive you wish to use for your password reset disk.
Step 4: Enter your current password when prompted.
Step 5: Insert your password reset disk when you need to reset your password and follow its prompts. You have now reset a Windows password on a disk.
Method 2: Take a free Windows Password Recovery - Ophcrack
Step 1: Download Ophcrack. This program can crack Windows 7 passwords easily. If you don't have access to any accounts on the computer you want to crack, you may need to use Ophcrack's Live CD. Check the Resources section for an article on using this tool, which boots a complete Linux operating system that runs Ophcrack.
Step 2: Start up Ophcrack and select the account you want the password for. Then click "Crack" to begin the process of recovering your password. This may take a while, so be patient.
Step 3: Log into that account with your newly recovered password. Be sure to remember the password from now on.
Method 3: Ask Windows Password Unlocker for help
Windows Passwod Unlocker is one of the best shareware to reset or crack Windows 7 password when you forgot or lost the password. You can download this program and then reset the password with a bootable CD/DVD/USB like this:
1. Burn a bootable CD/DVD or USB to remove lost Windows 7 password.
2. Set your target computer to boot from CDROM or USB flash drive
3. Insert the burned CD/DVD or USB flash drive into the locked computer and follow the tutorial to crack it.

How Do You Reset Dell Password on Vista?How Do You Reset Dell Password on Vista?

Resetting a password on a Dell Inspiron varies according to the version of Windows installed on the computer. Most Dell Inspiron  notebooks come with Vista prepackaged. Resetting Windows password depends on a few variables. The easiest way to solve password problems is to create a reset disk. You'll have to reinstall Vista if you've forgotten all of your passwords and do not have a Windows password reset disk. These steps are for a single home computer. If you're part of a domain or network in an office, you should consult your network administrator before proceeding.
Resetting a Password with a Password Reset Disk
Close the "wrong password" message by clicking "OK".
Click "Reset Password".
Insert the reset disk If you're password reset is saved on a flash drive, plug it into a USB port.
Wait for the Password Reset Wizard to pop up.
Follow the Password Reset Wizard is it guides you through the process.
Log into Windows with the new password. Should you forget this one, the same reset disk can be reused.
Reset Windows password On Dell with Ophcrack
Except a Windows password reset disk, you can also reset Dell password with a third party software. Ophcrack is one of the best freeware for Windows password recovery based on rainbow tables. Once you forgot Windows Vista password on Dell, it is a good choice to download the version compatible with Dell PCs. However, many Windows users failed to recover Windows password as its  large ISO file which is more than 496MB.
Reset Windows Password with Windows Password Unlocker
Windows Password Unlocker is an efficient and well-recognized Windows password recovery tool, which is popular with Windows users and compatible for Dell password reset on Vista. You can reset the password by a bootable CD/DVD/USB without any data or files loss.

How to Remove or Reset CMOS Password for Toshiba Laptop?

The CMOS password, more commonly referred to as the BIOS or Supervisor password, allows you to gain access to the Toshiba Easy Setup or CMOS/BIOS utility. The utility contains all the hardware configuration settings for a Toshiba laptop as well as hard drive and startup password settings. Therefore, it is a good idea to occasionally change or reset the password to ensure your laptop's data remains private and secure.
The password will be removed and you will access it exactly as you did before you ever assigned a password to it in the first place. This process cannot be completed through Windows and can only be finished using the CMOS or BIOS program. Well, how do you remove or reset CMOS password on Toshiba laptop?
Step 1: Turn off the Toshiba laptop. Wait at least 10 seconds, then power it back on.
Step 2: Tap the "F2" key several times until the "Easy Setup" or "BIOS Setup" window appears. On older Toshiba laptops, you may need to use the "Esc" key instead of the "F2" key.
Step 3: Enter the current BIOS/CMOS/Supervisor password for the Toshiba laptop when the "Password=" prompt appears. Then, press the "Enter" key.
Step 4: Press the arrow keys to move the cursor to the "Security" tab, then move the cursor to the "Set User Password" option.
Step 5: Press the "F5" or "F6" key to move the cursor to the "Password" section. Enter the current password when prompted for the "Old Password." Press the "Enter" key.
Step 6: Wait for the "New Password" prompt, then type in your new password and press the "Enter" key. When prompted to do so, type the new password again and press the "Enter" key.
Step 7: Press the "F10" key to save the password changes, and exit the utility. When the computer restarts, allow the Toshiba laptop to boot into Windows normally.
Except CMOS password, sometimes it is easier to forgot Windows Toshiba password for logon. Unlike BIOS or CMOS password, there are so many methods to  reset Windows password on Toshiba, such as a Windows passoword reset disk, a password hint, a  Windows password recovery tool and so on.

Can Windows 8 Kill XP, Vista, and Windows 7?

A good point was made by Ed Bott of ZDNet when he wrote a post that said that businesseswere going to use Windows 8 as an excuse to get Windows 7. Sounds like crazy logic, but it makes sense. Businesses are not on the forefront of the technology revolution. They like to play it safe. Right now XP is safe.  Windows 7 is not. Next year, presumably in April when Windows 8 is released, it will make Windows 7 safe. Windows 8 will be looked upon as cutting edge technology, but untested.
With the majority of businesses still using XP the growth towards Windows 7 will intensify into acceptance. The result is inevitable. XP and Vista should breathe their last sometime in 2012.
The Economy and The Cloud
That said, the big IF is whether the US economy will improve enough to give businesses sufficient confidence that they can spend money. With the real estate market in the doldrums, jobs moving overseas, inflation, and high debt, businesses are worried that spending too much money may in fact kill their chances of profitability, if not the business itself. So one big issue is whether or not the economy will rebound.
Another issue that is starting to manifest itself, which was not a player when Windows 7 was released, is the Cloud. This allows software and hardware upgrades to be less important, because a company can lease the latest software and hardware from a Microsoft Data Center and make the transition to the most current technology. With Windows 8 coming, it may even supplant the Windows 7 element. All that Microsoft has to do is show that the legacy applications will run on Windows 8.
There is also fact that Windows 8 may have many features currently seen today in tablets and mobile smart phones. So the view that the technology is untested may not applicable, which in turn will allow businesses to make the transition to the most current OS.
April 2012
The latest rumor about Windows 8 is that it will be available to manufacturers in April 2012.  By then the status of XP, Vista, and Windows 7 should be clear. The nature of the economy and the status of the Cloud should also be clear. XP and Vista should see the end of days. But even Windows 7 may be supplanted by Windows 8. As we know, Windows  8 has many new unique features, like Windows 8 graphical password logon. If you forgot password on Windows 8, it is easy to reset Windows 8 password with this feature.
News reource from: http://www.windows8news.com/2011/07/16/windows-8-kill-xp-vista-windows-7/