Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How Do You Reset Dell Password on Vista?How Do You Reset Dell Password on Vista?

Resetting a password on a Dell Inspiron varies according to the version of Windows installed on the computer. Most Dell Inspiron  notebooks come with Vista prepackaged. Resetting Windows password depends on a few variables. The easiest way to solve password problems is to create a reset disk. You'll have to reinstall Vista if you've forgotten all of your passwords and do not have a Windows password reset disk. These steps are for a single home computer. If you're part of a domain or network in an office, you should consult your network administrator before proceeding.
Resetting a Password with a Password Reset Disk
Close the "wrong password" message by clicking "OK".
Click "Reset Password".
Insert the reset disk If you're password reset is saved on a flash drive, plug it into a USB port.
Wait for the Password Reset Wizard to pop up.
Follow the Password Reset Wizard is it guides you through the process.
Log into Windows with the new password. Should you forget this one, the same reset disk can be reused.
Reset Windows password On Dell with Ophcrack
Except a Windows password reset disk, you can also reset Dell password with a third party software. Ophcrack is one of the best freeware for Windows password recovery based on rainbow tables. Once you forgot Windows Vista password on Dell, it is a good choice to download the version compatible with Dell PCs. However, many Windows users failed to recover Windows password as its  large ISO file which is more than 496MB.
Reset Windows Password with Windows Password Unlocker
Windows Password Unlocker is an efficient and well-recognized Windows password recovery tool, which is popular with Windows users and compatible for Dell password reset on Vista. You can reset the password by a bootable CD/DVD/USB without any data or files loss.


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