Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What Measures to Crack Windows 7 Password?

If there's an account on your computer you forgot the password to, you can recover the password. It's stored in the Windows registry--it's just buried and encrypted. But you can easily get back into that account if you know what you're doing. All you need is the right software to uncrack the account and you'll have full access to your computer back. Here are some effcient ways to crack Windows 7 password when you can not login with a wrong password or a limited account and password.
Method 1:  a Windows Password Reset Disk
Step 1: Click "Start" and then click your user icon to open "User Accounts."
Step 2: Click "Create Password Reset Disk" on the upper-left side. Click "Next" once the "Welcome to the Forgotten Password Wizard" page pops up.
Step 3: Select the removable drive you wish to use for your password reset disk.
Step 4: Enter your current password when prompted.
Step 5: Insert your password reset disk when you need to reset your password and follow its prompts. You have now reset a Windows password on a disk.
Method 2: Take a free Windows Password Recovery - Ophcrack
Step 1: Download Ophcrack. This program can crack Windows 7 passwords easily. If you don't have access to any accounts on the computer you want to crack, you may need to use Ophcrack's Live CD. Check the Resources section for an article on using this tool, which boots a complete Linux operating system that runs Ophcrack.
Step 2: Start up Ophcrack and select the account you want the password for. Then click "Crack" to begin the process of recovering your password. This may take a while, so be patient.
Step 3: Log into that account with your newly recovered password. Be sure to remember the password from now on.
Method 3: Ask Windows Password Unlocker for help
Windows Passwod Unlocker is one of the best shareware to reset or crack Windows 7 password when you forgot or lost the password. You can download this program and then reset the password with a bootable CD/DVD/USB like this:
1. Burn a bootable CD/DVD or USB to remove lost Windows 7 password.
2. Set your target computer to boot from CDROM or USB flash drive
3. Insert the burned CD/DVD or USB flash drive into the locked computer and follow the tutorial to crack it.


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