Friday, July 29, 2011

FAQ about How to Manage Passwords

Below is a question from CNET Forums:
I keep reading where people should change their passwords frequently. That is fine if one does not have many places to go to change passwords. I have several hundred and to make frequent changes would be a pain in the butt. Even though my password is relatively secure, if someone hacks into Yahoo, Google, etc and gets my password from there, I probably won't know about it for some time, unless notified by the website. And I do have different passwords for different types of sites. I wonder if it is really worth all the trouble to change passwords frequently and to have passwords that are not easy to break.
Answer: One inescapable facet of web work is the need to come up with and remember usernames and passwords. The days when you could get away with picking a single combination and using it everywhere are pretty much gone: that strategy reduces your security to that of the weakest site you use. It’s simply not worth risking that the person who gets hold of some Web 2.0 startup’s database can also get into your online banking.
Since you have strong passwords for different sites, your problem is just how to manage your massive passwords.
1) Write it down. It’s actually not all that bad a strategy at home, if there aren’t too many people poking around there and you tuck it away somewhere nondescript. But this is bad at the office, where any number of people could see your helpful list.
2) Let the browser remember them. Browsers like Firefox will remember all of your passwords for you, and enter them back in when you go back to a site. Unfortunately, this limits you to a particular browser.
3) Use a password manager. These do-it-all client-side applications help you generate passwords, store them, and fill in online forms. On Windows, RoboForm (free for personal use) is a handy tool that memorizes passwords and fills out online forms in a single click.
And for your Windows passwords, it accidently happened that you are going to have your work done, turn on the computer, but when you input the password for the Windows login account, you just find out the password is no longer works. Then what to do? Take it easy, you can click the link to find how to reset Windows password.

How to Reset Forgotten Password on Windows 7/XP/Vista?

Windows is far and away the most popular and widely used operating system for personal computers in the world. Produced and distributed by Microsoft, there are three versions of Windows currently being supported by the company: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Windows systems allow users to establish user accounts with user names and passwords in order to protect the information contained on the computer. However, many people forget login passwords from time to time. There are methods to reset Windows password for Windows 7/XP/Vista. All three current versions of Windows treat the process of resetting a password similarly.
Tactics 1: Reset Windows password with another available admin account
If you have more than one available account with administrative previlege, you can easily reset the password from Control Panel.
Step 1: Log in to a separate administrator account, if you have more than one set up.
Step 2: Click "Start" in the lower left-hand corner of the screen and navigate through the menu to the Control Panel.
Step 3: Open the User Accounts control panel.
Step 4: Select the user account to which you are unable to log in. Select "Change Password" from the menu and enter a new password for the account. Then click "Okay."
Tactics 2: Password reset disk is available
If you have  created a password reset disk before you lost he Windows password for Windows 7/XP or Vista, an easier and faster way is to  take password reset disk for Windows password recovery. Here is about how to use it for recovery.
Step1 : Select "Reset Password" from the login screen. A password reset disk is a utility that Windows will allow you to create to reset a forgotten account password. Unfortunately, if you have not made one of these in advance, you will not be able to utilize it.
Step2 :Insert the password reset disk on CD-ROM or USB drive into the corresponding computer drive or port.
Step3 : Follow the on-screen prompts for resetting the password for your account.
Step4 : Log in to your account using the new password.
Tactics 3 : Reset W indows password by a bootable CD/DVD/USB flash drive
When you encounter the trouble of Windows password recovery,  you need to prepare a bootable CD/DVD/USB and download a third party software if you failed to reset the password without a password reset disk or another available admin account and password.
Windows Password Unlocker is such software that you can  reset the forgotten Windows password for Windows 7/XP/Vista by a  burned CD/DVD/USB. It is professionally designed to reset lost password with less time-consuming and     100% recovery guaranteed. Also it can reset Windows domain password for Windows Server 2008/2003/2000.

Crack Windows 7 Password with a third-party Software

Anyone can forget a password. Okay you may think it will never happen to you, but think again, because it may just happen. Forgetting your user account password is no big deal providing you have taken the necessary precautions to create a Password Reset Disk.
Sadly, if you haven't created a Password Reset Disk for your Windows operating system then gaining access your PC will become a nightmare. I'm not saying that it is impossible, because it isn't. However, this tutorial refers to resetting your user account password with the aid of your Windows 7 password reset disk.
Most of us will intuitively turn to reinstall the operation system, but considered that the data and files will get lost, we will denied this way and then turn to ask help from our friends or colleagues if they have a guest account in the operation system. Well, this is a good try, but we should fully aware that the guest account could modify nothing in your computer, in another way, get the guest account is not an effective solution. At this point, we usually paid for some experts in computer to regain the access to our computer in the risk that they might snoop on our private information
Calm down and take it ease. There are still many other ways to crack Windows 7 password if you did not create a password reset disk for Windows 7. Now, I have collected an efficient and powerful way from internet and hope  it will give a big hand to you.
As we know, Windows Password Unlocker is one of the best and most well-recognized Windows password recovery tool to reset or crack Windows 7 password with a bootble password reset disk. What’s more, it could also recover passwords for other versions of Windows as well, including Vista/XP/2000 and Windows Server 2008/2003. If you forgot the password of them, with this powerful tool, you can easily reset administrator, standard user and guest passwords in 4 simple steps without data losing or file damage.
Step 1. Download and install Windows Password Unlocker Professional from any available unlocked PC
Step 2. Burn a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive
Step 3. BIOS settings of your locked computer to make it boot from CD/DVD or USB flash drive
Step 4. You can crack Windows 7 password successfully and regain access into the PC without a password.

What to Do with a Wrong Windows Logon Password?

Have you ever lost your Windows password? If you have, you must know the feeling. That means you could not use your computer and your work cannot move on. So, are there some ways to retrieve your lost Windows password? Yes, here we will show you several methods on how to reset Windows password, and then you do not have to ask for help everywhere.
In this article, I would like to share with you ways to reset Windows password if you fail to log on your laptop with a wrong password.
Method 1: An available admin account and password
Requirement: another more available account with admin right
Time:1-2 minutes

If you have an available administrator account on your system, you can get your password back easily. Logon Windows  system with the admin account, and then you can come to the Control Panel and change or delete other accounts' passwords. Now take Windows 7 for example:
Step 1: Click Start -> Control Panel -> Add or remove user accounts
Step 2: Choose the locked administrator account
Step 3: Click Change  or Remove the password. And then you can change or remove the lost or forgotten password
Method 2:  a Password Reset disk is available
Requirement: a password reset disk
time: 3 minutes also
Windows 7/XP/Vista allow Windows users to create a Windows password reset disck in case that they lost or forgot password to log on. Thus, if you can not login the PC and need to reset Windows password, it is a good way to take a password reset disk to do so.

Method 3: Take a Windows password recovery tool
Requirement:  a third party software, a bootable CD/DVD/USB
Time: less than 5 mimutes
There is plenty of third party software for password recovery on  online. Most of them are designed to create a Windows password recovery disk. With the disk you can recover your forgotten Windows 7 password. We highly recommend Windows Password Unlocker. Now, there are 4 simple steps for instance:
Step 1: Download Windows Password Unlocker from its official site
Step 2: Burn a bootble CD/DVD/USB flash drive
Step 3: BIOS settings
Step 4: Reset forgoten Windows password with the burned disk.

Unlock Windows XP Password with Admin Account

Windows XP provides people who log into the computer with their own profiles. This customizes backgrounds, wallpaper and other user settings. If you lose a password for one of these profiles, you can reset it using the administrator account. The administrator account has full control over all settings on the computer, including user passwords. After logging into the administrator account, reset  Windows XP  password to grant access to the machine.
Follow the steps and learn how to unlock password on Windows XP if you can not log on the PC with a wrong password.
Step 1 : Log into your machine using the administrator username and password. This allows you to reset any user password, including the password for the administrator account.
Step 2 : Click the Windows "Start" button and select "Run." Enter "control userpasswords2" into the text box and click the "OK" button. This opens a user control console where you can edit user passwords.
Step 3 : Click the user account you want recover. Click "Reset Password" to open a new dialog box, prompting you for a new password.
Step 4 : Enter a new password into the text box. Enter it a second time to verify it. Click "OK" to save your settings. The password resets.
Step 5 : Click the Windows "Start" button and select "Log Off." This logs off the machine and brings you to the login screen. Enter the user account name and new password you reset earlier. You can now log into the machine using this profile account.
Tips :
1. You cannot reset any user or admin password if you fail to log on with  an available admin account and password.
2. There is a default admin password on Windows XP, you can unlock Windows XP password with it if you did not change the logon password yet.
3. It is better create  a Windows XP password reset disk when you set a password as the Windows logon password.
4. If you still could not reset Windows password, you'd better go to website and download a Windows password recovery tool, like Windows Password Unlocker,which is more efficient and professional to unlock Windows password for all popular Windows OS.