Friday, July 29, 2011

What to Do with a Wrong Windows Logon Password?

Have you ever lost your Windows password? If you have, you must know the feeling. That means you could not use your computer and your work cannot move on. So, are there some ways to retrieve your lost Windows password? Yes, here we will show you several methods on how to reset Windows password, and then you do not have to ask for help everywhere.
In this article, I would like to share with you ways to reset Windows password if you fail to log on your laptop with a wrong password.
Method 1: An available admin account and password
Requirement: another more available account with admin right
Time:1-2 minutes

If you have an available administrator account on your system, you can get your password back easily. Logon Windows  system with the admin account, and then you can come to the Control Panel and change or delete other accounts' passwords. Now take Windows 7 for example:
Step 1: Click Start -> Control Panel -> Add or remove user accounts
Step 2: Choose the locked administrator account
Step 3: Click Change  or Remove the password. And then you can change or remove the lost or forgotten password
Method 2:  a Password Reset disk is available
Requirement: a password reset disk
time: 3 minutes also
Windows 7/XP/Vista allow Windows users to create a Windows password reset disck in case that they lost or forgot password to log on. Thus, if you can not login the PC and need to reset Windows password, it is a good way to take a password reset disk to do so.

Method 3: Take a Windows password recovery tool
Requirement:  a third party software, a bootable CD/DVD/USB
Time: less than 5 mimutes
There is plenty of third party software for password recovery on  online. Most of them are designed to create a Windows password recovery disk. With the disk you can recover your forgotten Windows 7 password. We highly recommend Windows Password Unlocker. Now, there are 4 simple steps for instance:
Step 1: Download Windows Password Unlocker from its official site
Step 2: Burn a bootble CD/DVD/USB flash drive
Step 3: BIOS settings
Step 4: Reset forgoten Windows password with the burned disk.


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