Friday, July 29, 2011

How to Reset Forgotten Password on Windows 7/XP/Vista?

Windows is far and away the most popular and widely used operating system for personal computers in the world. Produced and distributed by Microsoft, there are three versions of Windows currently being supported by the company: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Windows systems allow users to establish user accounts with user names and passwords in order to protect the information contained on the computer. However, many people forget login passwords from time to time. There are methods to reset Windows password for Windows 7/XP/Vista. All three current versions of Windows treat the process of resetting a password similarly.
Tactics 1: Reset Windows password with another available admin account
If you have more than one available account with administrative previlege, you can easily reset the password from Control Panel.
Step 1: Log in to a separate administrator account, if you have more than one set up.
Step 2: Click "Start" in the lower left-hand corner of the screen and navigate through the menu to the Control Panel.
Step 3: Open the User Accounts control panel.
Step 4: Select the user account to which you are unable to log in. Select "Change Password" from the menu and enter a new password for the account. Then click "Okay."
Tactics 2: Password reset disk is available
If you have  created a password reset disk before you lost he Windows password for Windows 7/XP or Vista, an easier and faster way is to  take password reset disk for Windows password recovery. Here is about how to use it for recovery.
Step1 : Select "Reset Password" from the login screen. A password reset disk is a utility that Windows will allow you to create to reset a forgotten account password. Unfortunately, if you have not made one of these in advance, you will not be able to utilize it.
Step2 :Insert the password reset disk on CD-ROM or USB drive into the corresponding computer drive or port.
Step3 : Follow the on-screen prompts for resetting the password for your account.
Step4 : Log in to your account using the new password.
Tactics 3 : Reset W indows password by a bootable CD/DVD/USB flash drive
When you encounter the trouble of Windows password recovery,  you need to prepare a bootable CD/DVD/USB and download a third party software if you failed to reset the password without a password reset disk or another available admin account and password.
Windows Password Unlocker is such software that you can  reset the forgotten Windows password for Windows 7/XP/Vista by a  burned CD/DVD/USB. It is professionally designed to reset lost password with less time-consuming and     100% recovery guaranteed. Also it can reset Windows domain password for Windows Server 2008/2003/2000.


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