Tuesday, June 4, 2013

10 Top Windows 8 Apps You May Pay Attention

Using Windows 8 apps is a first for many of us. Yet these tiny programs can be very beneficial and can greatly enhance your computing experience. Here are my top ten Windows 8 apps.

  1.  Jujuba’s free Clock app
Microsoft didn’t include a clock in the Windows 8 Metro desktop, and many people miss it. I like this one because it’s a live tile that shows both the date and time. When open, it gives you a large analog clock and calendar.

  1. News Bento
This news app offers a great Windows 8 app experience. You can select from its growing list of news sources or add an RSS feed from any website. Bento’s news articles expand to fill the screen making them easily readable and you can use the Share charm to share articles.
3.  Skype app
Compare the Skype app to the Skype traditional experience and you will immediately see a cleaner and more usable interface. It syncs with the contacts in your People hub and gives you notifications even when you are in another app.
This app will bring out your creativity. It really shines on a touch screen, but is also quite usable with a mouse. Choose your canvas, brush, and color. Then start having fun. You can even draw on a picture from your hard drive or one taken with your webcam.
5.  Tool Box
This versatile app gives you the ability to perform six different tasks. It functions as a clock, calculator, takes voice notes, shows the weather, and has Facebook integration. It even lets you doodle during a boring meeting. You can choose different layouts and can show up to six tools at one.

While the built-in Bing Search app is very good, many of us want another option. That’s where the Google Search app comes in. This app gives you a full web experience with an excellent interface. It also gives you easy access to all of Google’s services, many of which don’t have apps.
7.   Evernote
Evernote is the perfect gathering point for information. Whether you are doing serious research or coordinating a home project, it will let you make notes, save scraps of information, and keep everything organized. It also keeps everything in sync between your desktop and mobile devices.
8.  IM+
Windows 8 comes with a Messaging app, but it only works with Facebook and Windows Live Messenger. If you have friends or relatives who use other chat interfaces, you need an app like this. IM+ supports Google Talk, AIM, Facebook, Jabber, ICQ, and Yahoo Messenger.
9.  Tasks
List makers will find this app full-featured. You can group items by categories and projects, prioritize tasks, define due dates, and add notes and pictures.
Solitaire is the most played computer game of all time. This collection offers five variations including Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, TriPeaks, and Pyramid. It also has a variety of backgrounds and deck designs. You’ll never get bored!

Article resource: http://www.techpageone.com/technology/10-top-windows-8-apps/#.Ua2muORNtmQ

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