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How to Add Password Protection to Your Windows 7?

Today the increasing incidents concerning data breaches arouse people’s attention on data security. For a Windows 7 computer user, adding password protection can go a long way in protecting your computer based on firewall and antivirus program installation. With respect to computer password protection, you can not only add a Windows login password but also a BIOS password.
Create Windows 7 Login Password
Creating a strong password for your Windows 7 user account is one of the simplest ways to protect your files and other personal data is. It can not only protect against hackers, but even keep out a curious child who may innocently change settings or even delete files.
1. Click on the "Start" button, and choose Control Panel.
2. Click on the "User Accounts and Family Safety" heading in the Control Panel. Under the "User Accounts" heading, click on the link for "Create a password for your account."
3. Type in a password and confirm it by re-typing it on the follow line, and then click Create password.
4. You're finished! You will now be prompted to enter your newly created password every time you log into your computer.
1. You can choose to type a password hint, although it is optional. Be aware that the password hint will be visible to all other computer users.
2. To be more secure, choose a password and hint that cannot be easily guessed.
3. Please create a Windows password reset disk after setting a password to in case of a lost Windows7 password.
Create BIOS Password
A laptop BIOS password is often said to be more secure than a traditional desktop to help protect the data if it was stolen as it should be entered before the operating system loads, usually on a black screen a few seconds after the laptop is started.
1. Start or restart your computer. Watch the screen for a message that will say “"Hit the <DEL> key to enter the BIOS setup program “or something similar. Press this key as soon as you see the message to enter BIOS menu.
Note: “Del “is most common key for entering the BIOS. Some computers used "F12" or "F2." Once the appropriate key is pressed, the BIOS screen will come up.
2. Use the arrow keys to selec "Security" and press "Enter." You’ll find there are two options related to passwords: Supervisor Password and User Password.
3. Use the arrow key to move down and highlight "Set User Password." Press "Enter." An options window will open, and you will be asked to enter a password. Enter the password in the password box and enter the password again in the confirm password box. Press "Enter" to set the password.
4. Use the arrow key to move down and highlight "Set Password Check" and press "Enter." You'll be presented with the options to invoke the password during "Setup" or "Always." Choosing "Setup" requires a password to enter the BIOS. Choosing "Always" requires a password every time you start your computer. Highlight your choice and press "Enter."
5. Press "Esc" one time, use the arrow key to navigate to "Exit" and press "Enter." The option "Save changes and exit" should already be highlighted. If not, use the arrow key to highlight it and press "Enter." Your computer will exit the BIOS screen and reboot.
Besides, you can also use encryption software like Truecrypt to encrypt and password protect your computer hard drive, folders and files.
If you forgot Windows 7 login password, it is better for you to take Windows Password Unlocker for help, which is professionally designed to reset the lost Windows password efficiently.

Benefits of Windows Password Recovery Freeware and Shareware

The login password is a vital part of any Windows PC system. When you log into your Windows computer at anytime, the Windows login password should kindly to help you gain access the PC successfully unless you lost or forgot it. Many times, when people lost or forgot the Windows password they ask some PC experts to resolve the problems.
Actually, there are many ways that you can regularly recover or reset it for the forgotten Windows password to remove or recover the password to gain access to PC safely except ask the PC technician. One of the simplest and most efficient methods is to use a Windows password recovery program.
Windows Password Recovery  Programs
It is quite easy to download a Windows password reset program from the Internet. You can choose between Windows password reset freeware and shareware programs based on your budget and the features you require. Windows password reset freeware usually come with minimal features and you can use these software programs to perform Windows password reset options on the system. On the other hand, the shareware Windows password reset tools come equipped with advanced features, which are available for a trial version of the product for free. The trial version is usually have some restrictions. The trial version is for evaluation purpose but not reset really help to list or remove the password. To reset your forgotten Windows password effectively, you will have to purchase the software to be able to use all of its features.
Windows Password Recovery Freeware and Shareware: Benefits
Using either a Windows password recovery freeware or shareware utility, you can perform a Windows password reset that can help you rollback to your Windows system. Listed below are some of the benefits of Windows password recovery tools.
  • High Recovery Rate: Efficiently reset various Windows passwords, like local administrator, domain administrator and other user account password on all Windows 7/ Vista/ XP/2008(R2) /2003(R2)/2000 with many types of hard disks supported, like RAID, SATA, IDE and SCSI.
  • Remove Windows Local and Domain Password: Instantly reset Windows local and domain administrator and other user account password to blank, no matter how long and complicated the password is. Allow you to regain access to your locked Windows 7/Vista/XP/2008/ 2003/2000 machine with ease.
  • Support Kinds of Bootdisks: Support bootable password reset disk with CD/DVD or USB flash.
  • Easy and Secure: Safe and simple to reset Windows password without any change or damage to your computer settings and data.
Additional Recommendations...
Create a password reset disk. A password reset disk is special floppy disk or flash drive that you create in Windows that can be used to gain access to your account if you ever forget your password in the future. As long as you can keep this disk or drive in a safe place, you'll never have to worry about forgetting your password, or using Ophcrack, again.
Change your Windows password. I suppose this step is optional but I'm guessing that your password was too difficult to remember and that's why you used Windows password recovery tool in the first place. Change your password to something that you'll remember this time but keep it hard to guess as well.

7 Simple Steps to Reset XP Password with A CD Drive

The Windows XP operating system allows users to set up different accounts on the same computer. If you've forgotten your login password, you're probably thinking about how much money it's going to cost to send the unit into a repair shop or go to buy a well-known Windows password recovery tool for help. Don't go out and spend money on something you can do yourself. There is a very easy way to reset Windows password with little hassle.
Step 1: Turn your computer on and open the CD drive. Insert your Windows XP Setup CD into the disc tray and wait for it to boot into the setup menu.
Step 2: Follow all of the prompts through and accept the Licensing Agreement.
Step 3: Press the "R" button when it prompts you to "Repair" your system.
Step 4: Wait for Windows to start repairing your system. Wait for the system to restart and watch the bottom progress bar to start "Installing Devices"
Step 5: Press the "Shift" and "F10" keys together to bring up a command prompt.
Step 6: Type "nusrmgr.cpl" and press the "Enter" key on your keyboard. This will bring up the "User Accounts" menu.
Step 7: Go to the account that you need to change the password to and reset it. Restart the computer for the changes to take effect.
Ok, it is an easy and fast way to reset Windows password on XP without any penny cost. But sometimes, we have to go to website and find an available and practical software to reset or change the forgotten Windows XP password if the CD drive can not work or there is no a password reset disk in hand.Then, how to select a satisfying Windows password recovery tool? According its popularity and widespread, Windows Password Unlocker is considered one of the best and efficient tools to help Windows users reset Windows XP password by a bootable CD/DVD/USB. Once you download it from its official site, you can reset the password instantly and preserve all the data in security.

Remove or Reset Windows XP Password with Installation CD

As a piece of news said that there are still almost 40% of users who take in use of Windows XP as their Windows OS. Thus, we must pay much attention on the issues surrounding with Windows XP.  Today, we will focus on how to reset Windows XP password if  someday we forgot it and can not log on the laptop.
Windows XP allows administrators to create a password for logging into Windows. It is a great way to block other people from logging on to your computer, as well as to protect your data and personal information from hackers. However, a password can backfire on you if you forget it or someone hacks into your computer and changes it. When this happens, one way you can reset Windows password on XP  is by booting your computer from the Windows XP installation CD and performing a clean installation of Windows.
How to reset Windows XP password with the Installation CD?
Step 1: Insert your Windows XP disc into your computer. Power down your computer, then turn it back on. When you see the message "Press any key to boot from CD," press any key on your keyboard.
Step 2: Press "Enter" when the "Welcome to Setup" screen appears.
Step 3: Read over the "Microsoft Software License Terms," then press "F8" if you agree to continue.
Step 4: Follow the on-screen steps to select a partition to format and install Windows XP on. Your computer notifies you that there is an existing version of Windows XP installed. Select the option to install a new version over the existing one.
Step 5: Continue following the on-screen instructions to finish the Windows XP installation. When the installation is complete, Windows will give you the option to create a new administrator password.
Note: This will erase the information from your hard drive, including any passwords. Once the installation is complete, you can log in to Windows without a password and create a new one.
Besides, you can also reset your forgotten Windows XP password with a bootable CD/DVD/USB which is burned with a Windows password recovery tool. Now, I would like to recommend to  Windows Password Unlocker to you that allows to reset the password on Windows XP/7/Vista/2003 and Windows Server 2003/2008 without any data of files loss.

Will Windows 8 RTM in April 2012?

There have been so many rumours about Windows 8, many of them completely wild and untrue, that it’s sometimes hard to seperate the good from the bad.  The latest is a report that s a source has informed  that Windows 8 will hit RTM (Release to Manufacturing) in April 2012.
This is far before most people expected but let’s have a look at the rationale for this, why it could turn out to be true and examine the optionsMicrosoft has available for release.
Windows releases are normally seen on PCs about a month or two after a new operating systemRTMs.  It’s all down to how long the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) need to customise the builds and get them loaded onto shipping computers.  So if the April 2012 date is to be believed that would put a Windows release at June, right in the middle of next summer.  This won’t happen at all, but it doesn’t mean April isn’t possible.
We won’t see PCs shipping with Windows 8 next summer because summer is always the slowest sales period of the year for new computers.  The two biggest sales periods are the back to college period (at the end of August, beginning of September) and the Christmas holiday period.
Microsoft will want to see a big rush of people buying Windows 8 in the early days.  It generates excitement and it’s good news for them.  It makes sense to get Windows RTM’d by the end of June next year in time for the college sales period.
Windows 7 missed this important sales period at a time when the computer makers were having difficulty in the global economic downturn.  This caused great anger and resentment from many companies and was a high-profile story in the news.  It makes sense then, especially as Windows 8 will be such a tough sell after Windows 7, for Microsoft to make sure they release it at the right time.
So where does this April 2012 figure come from.  This time the release of Windows will be different as there will also be an embedded version to run on ARM chips at the same time as the installable version.  It will still take OEMs a couple of months to configure their Windows images the way they want, but it will then take an additional couple of months to program those images onto all the tablet computers and other low-power form factors that will be running the chips.
This will be further complicated by the fact that all these products will be new and thus, so will many of their production lines.  These devices have to be ready for the official launch of Windows 8 and will need to be assembled ahead of their usual time to guarantee this.
On this score the April 2012 figure now makes sense, as for a launch at the end of August / early September that year, OEMs would probably need access to a final version of Windows 8 in the spring to make this happen.  This doesn’t mean that the x86 and x64 versions of Windows will also RTM at the same time however.
More info from:
As it said, Windows 8 will hit RTM (Release to Manufacturing) in April 2012, we should pay more attention on how to take use of it, and learn more about Windows 8 features, like  Windows 8 facial logon, new wallpaper, update from Windows 7 ect.

3 Practical Ways to Reset Acer Password Quickly

Because Acer computers use the Microsoft Windows operating system, changing the password on these computers is done the same way that you would change a password on any computer with a Windows operating system. Changing the password from time to time can help reduce the risk of your computer being hacked or otherwise compromised. Microsoft recommends that users reset Acer password regularly and that users choose strong passwords. Some of the worst passwords you can choose include "password," "123456" and "faster."
Now, there  presents several ways to reset Windows password on Acer laptop.
Solution 1: a Windows password reset disk is need
Few of us may have the  password reset disk created before lost the password. That’s to say, we should create this reset disk once we set password for our acer PC. When we forgot acer password, we can take it out and use it help us reset acer laptop password.
Reset Acer password with the created disk:
1. Click the username once we enter the Windows logon interface and then press Enter as password box appears.
2. Click “use your password reset disk”. The Password Reset Wizard starts and Next.
3. Insert the password reset disk, and then Next.
4. Type a new password in the Type a new password box and in the confirm box.
Solution 2: Input "Ctrl + Alt + Delete"
1. Press the "Ctrl + Alt + Delete" keys on the keyboard simultaneously. A new window will appear.
2. Click on "Change a password" in this window.
3. Type your current password into the "Old password" field.
4. Type the new password into the "New password" and "Confirm password" fields. Click on the arrow on the page next to "Confirm password." You have now successfully changed the password on your Acer computer.
Solution 3: a Windows Password Recovery Tool in hand
The most saving time and efficient way to reset  Acer laptop password  is to use professional reset tool. Such as the popular Windows Password Unlocker, it can keep our data safe and remove  password quickly without technique and special knowledge. What’s the more; it can be used for kinds of Windows Version even the Windows Server 2003, 2008 domain password. Just 3 quick steps:
1. Download Windows Password Unlocker from an available PC and install it
2. Burn the ISO image file to a blank CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive
3. Remove the lost acer password with the burned CD/DVD/USB