Thursday, July 11, 2013

How Thieves Use Social Media To Rob You

Thinking of tweeting about an upcoming holiday? Don’t. Thinking of sharing a photo of your latest grand purchase? Don’t. Thinking of checking in at the airport before your vacation? Don’t. Our incessant need to share more personal information than ever before have drawn burglars to using social media to help them pick their next target.
Tech-savvy burglars use publicly-obtainable information e.g. Foursquare check-ins, location-based Facebook updates, and metadata from shared images to locate potential victims. To illustrate the risk of over-sharing on social media, Distinctive Doors designed this infograph explaining how they do it, and what you can do to protect yourself. Hopefully, it’ll prompt you restrict the visibility of your updates and engage in more cautious sharing.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

BlackBerry Wants to Be a Leader in the 'Internet of Things'

BlackBerry wants to push beyond communications into mobile computing, and eventually play a leading role in the "Internet of Things," the term for a predicted revolution in which many ordinary objects will be given computing power.
That was chief executive Thorsten Heins's message at the annual shareholders meeting in Ontario today, as he tried to defend the company's trajectory after sales of the new BlackBerry 10 line of smartphones fell well below analyst expectations. A disappointing earnings report June 28 caused BlackBerry stock to fall to $10.46 per share that day, a 28 percent drop from its previous-day closing price of $14.48.
Today, Heins outlined a three-phase plan for BlackBerry's future, the first of which happened earlier this year with the debut of the new BB10 mobile operating system and new phones. The second phase, he said, will focus on scaling. That means reaching new customers while also transitioning existing users from the BlackBerry 7 operating system to BB10.
In the third phase, BlackBerry will seek to become "the leading mobile enterprise services platform," Heins said. As early evidence of this goal, he pointed to a new BlackBerry service for automakers that was unveiled in Detroit last month. The service makes it possible to update vehicle software remotely, get status updates on vehicle components and install apps to a car's entertainment system.
As smart technology becomes an increasingly vital part of everyday life, Heins said, BlackBerry will use its global data network and create new partnerships to develop more mobile computing services for enterprise clients.
Asked whether he and the company board have seriously considered breaking up BlackBerry -- perhaps splitting off the devices business from the enterprise services business -- Heins demurred. "I'm here with my team to create jobs and not to destroy jobs," he said. "We have to get through this."

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

10 Top Windows 8 Apps You May Pay Attention

Using Windows 8 apps is a first for many of us. Yet these tiny programs can be very beneficial and can greatly enhance your computing experience. Here are my top ten Windows 8 apps.

  1.  Jujuba’s free Clock app
Microsoft didn’t include a clock in the Windows 8 Metro desktop, and many people miss it. I like this one because it’s a live tile that shows both the date and time. When open, it gives you a large analog clock and calendar.

  1. News Bento
This news app offers a great Windows 8 app experience. You can select from its growing list of news sources or add an RSS feed from any website. Bento’s news articles expand to fill the screen making them easily readable and you can use the Share charm to share articles.
3.  Skype app
Compare the Skype app to the Skype traditional experience and you will immediately see a cleaner and more usable interface. It syncs with the contacts in your People hub and gives you notifications even when you are in another app.
This app will bring out your creativity. It really shines on a touch screen, but is also quite usable with a mouse. Choose your canvas, brush, and color. Then start having fun. You can even draw on a picture from your hard drive or one taken with your webcam.
5.  Tool Box
This versatile app gives you the ability to perform six different tasks. It functions as a clock, calculator, takes voice notes, shows the weather, and has Facebook integration. It even lets you doodle during a boring meeting. You can choose different layouts and can show up to six tools at one.

While the built-in Bing Search app is very good, many of us want another option. That’s where the Google Search app comes in. This app gives you a full web experience with an excellent interface. It also gives you easy access to all of Google’s services, many of which don’t have apps.
7.   Evernote
Evernote is the perfect gathering point for information. Whether you are doing serious research or coordinating a home project, it will let you make notes, save scraps of information, and keep everything organized. It also keeps everything in sync between your desktop and mobile devices.
8.  IM+
Windows 8 comes with a Messaging app, but it only works with Facebook and Windows Live Messenger. If you have friends or relatives who use other chat interfaces, you need an app like this. IM+ supports Google Talk, AIM, Facebook, Jabber, ICQ, and Yahoo Messenger.
9.  Tasks
List makers will find this app full-featured. You can group items by categories and projects, prioritize tasks, define due dates, and add notes and pictures.
Solitaire is the most played computer game of all time. This collection offers five variations including Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, TriPeaks, and Pyramid. It also has a variety of backgrounds and deck designs. You’ll never get bored!

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Change or Remove Windows 7 Password after Forgotten

Problem: How to change windows 7 password?
I have 2 accounts on my laptop: User A for work (password protected) User B for random surfing. I forgot to make a password reset disk. So I tried to make one using User B. But every time I try to use it, it tells me an error when wrong when I tried to change the password. Is there any way I can use to access User B again?
Solution: Change User Password Windows 7
A password reset disk can be only used for the user account you’ve created it for. It means that the password reset disk for User B cannot be used for User A. But you can simply change user A password with User B if User B is a administrator account.
In Windows 7, there are three different types of accounts: Administrator, Standard and Guest. And only the Administrator account allows you to set up your computer, install any programs that you’d like to use, and make settings that affects other user accounts. For more information about user accounts, please see User accounts: frequently asked questions.
So if User B is an administrator account, you can change the forgotten password of User B as follows: (Tip: For more ways, please see 5 Easy Ways to Change Windows 7 Password.)
  • Step 1: Log into User B, click Start button, type lusrmgr.msc into the Search box, and then press ENTER. The Local Users and Groups will open.
  • Step 2: Double-click Local Users and Groups, and then click Users to display all the user accounts on the computer
  • Step 3: Right-click the account that you need to reset the password for (User A here), and then click Set Password to change your password.
    change windows password

Alternative: Remove Windows 7 Password

If User B is a standard user, the method mentioned above will not work for you as standard user account can only make changes that affect other user accounts. If so, the best option is to remove the forgotten Windows 7 password for User A. And Windows Password Unlocker ranks top in all available choices.
With Windows Password Unlocker, you can reset forgotten login password to Windows 7 in a few minutes by creating a boot USB Windows 7 password reset disk. 100% safe. No any data loss to your computer. 3 simple steps:
  • Step 1. Download and install Windows Password Unlocker.
  • Step 2. Create a boot USB Windows 7 password reset disk.
  • Step 3. Boot from the boot disk and remove forgotten user password.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Offer: Buy One Get One Free and Sepcial Giveaway

Dec. 14th, 2012 -- Christmas is coming. It's time for free and heavy discount gifts. Password Unlocker, a professional password recovery software provider, has made special Christmas offers for all of you guys: Buy one get one free and software giveaway. This Christmas promotion is available from now to January 15th, 2013. Hurry up!
Buy One Get One Free
Buy Windows Password Unlocker Enterprise and get Password Unlocker Bundle Standard for free.
The most popular Windows password reset tool to help you reset forgotten local administrator, domain administrator, and other user passwords for Windows 7/Vista/XP and Windows server 2008(R2)/2003(R2)/2000 in 5 minutes.
A 13-in-1 password recovery bundle to help you recover or reset forgotten password for MS SQL Server, Office Word/Excel/PPT/Access, PDF, RAR/ZIP, IM and IE. GPU acceleration and Multi-core CPUs are supported to recover the lost passwords at high speed.
Software Giveaway
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PDF Password Remover - A small yet efficient password remover to decrypt PDF files with owner passwords and remove PDF restrictions on editing, copying, printing, etc. It can also remove PDF open password if you know the correct password.
Hurry up! This special offer will expire on January 15th, 2013. Don’t miss this opportunity! For further information about Password Unlocker Christmas sale, please visit:

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

How to Reset a BIOS Password in Windows 8?

On Windows computer systems, the BIOS (Fundamental Input/Output System) is updatable computer firmware made to initialize the pc throughout start just before handing control towards the operating-system. Because of the sensitive character from the system configurations controlled through the BIOS, your password could be set by either the pc manufacturer or even the finish-user. Probably the most common BIOS producers include AMI, AWARD, IBM, and Phoenix with lots of producers making their very own changes towards the firmware just before selling a pc around the open market.
 The most popular techniques to totally reset BIOS password include: Producing a BIOS password utilizing a hash code, entering a backdoor BIOS password, totally reset the BIOS password using software, totally reset the BIOS password using hardware, and resetting the BIOS password with vendor specific solutions.
Like Windows 7 or Windows XP/Vista, if you want to reset bios password in Windows 8, just  have a look at the following methods.

1. Reset the BIOS Password By Removing the CMOS Battery
Probably the most common techniques to  reset the BIOS password would be to remove or discharge battery around the computer system board. When the energy towards the battery sheds or drained, the BIOS configuration is going to be totally reset towards the factory condition without any password. System configurations designed to the BIOS may also be lost.

2. Reset the BIOS Password Using Software
A well known choice for clients to reset the BIOS/CMOS password is by using 3rd party software. The BIOS/CMOS Password recovery Tool is really a low-cost application you can use to get rid of or totally reset the BIOS password on  windows computer systems. When the software programs are bought, you boot the pc while using Boot Compact disc supplied by the organization and it'll recover the BIOS password on the pc.

By the way, as is known that there is another password named Windows password. What if you forgot Windows login password, what to do? For Windows 8, there are kinds of options for you:
1. a  Windows 8 password reset disk ( the most recommended way to reset Windows 8 password if you have created)
2. another available admin account
3 . a picture password
4. a PIN code
5. a Windows password recovery tool.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Beautiful in White

Days ago, I found a song from Youtube that makes me crazy. And till now, it ranks first my favorites in the song list  - Beautiful in White.

The song is one of Westlife's unreleased songs - Sung solo by Shane Filan. But I like Shane Filan more that westlife. It is said that the song is  the gift that Shane wanted to send to his wife and daughter. Now you can see the lyrics here, which is really heart-warming.

 Not sure if you know this
But when we first met
I got so nervous
I couldn't speak
In that very moment I found the one and
My life had found it's missing piece
So as long as I live I love you
will heaven hold you
You look so beautiful in white
And from now to my very last breath
This day I'll cherish
You look so beautiful in white
What we have is timeless
My love is endless
And with this scream I say to the world
You're my every reason
You're all that I believe in
with all my heart I mean every word
So as long as I live I love you
will heaven hold you
You look so beautiful in white
And from now to my very last breath
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This day I'll cherish
You look so beautiful in white
Oooooh oh
Na na na na na
You look so beautiful in white
And if our daughter's what our future holds
I hope she has you're eyes
finds love like you and I did
Yeah, I wish she falls in love
and I will let her go
I'll walk her down the aisle
She'll look so beautiful in white.....
You look so beautiful
In white
So as long as I live I love you
will heaven hold you
You look so beautiful in white
And from now to my very last breath
This day I'll cherish
You look so beautiful in white
"You look so beautiful in white tonight" 
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Best Products of 2012: Mobile

Mobile has been used in our daily life just not only for communication, making a call, sending messeges. Till now, it can also be used for play games, add apps, shopping, do bussiness or even make relationship.

A purchasing misstep like that will sow trouble and hassle throughout your entire mobile ecosystem. You won't be able to buy the apps you really want, you'll be barred from using the services you really need, and you'll feel like a complete doofus when you pull out that white elephant in a crowd and someone asks, with a raised eyebrow, "How's that workin' out for ya?"

Here I have created a list for you  help avoid the stigma and potential chaos that can come with choosing the wrong mobile product.

  Apple iPad, 3rd generation (tablet)

The iPad ranks first on this sublist and third overall. Why the third-generation tablet when the fourth-gen product is already available? Because it had the biggest impact on the tablet market—it was the first to feature Apple's high-resolution Retina display. But if you want to buy a full-size iPad now, get the fourth-gen model: It has a faster processor, better Wi-Fi capabilities, and improved LTE circuitry.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (e-reader)

Amazon has the best e-reader in the Kindle Paperwhite; in fact, the Paperwhite is so good that it ranked fifth in our entire list. The Paperwhite's best feature is the integrated light that brightly and evenly illuminates the page, even in daylight. But Amazon has made other improvements to its e-reader: The E Ink display boasts higher resolution, the fonts are better, and the underlying software has been significantly overhauled.

Samsung Galaxy S III (Android smartphone)

You don't get to be the best-selling Android phone by being average, and the Galaxy S III definitely has what it takes to move ahead of the Android pack—not to mention the iPhone 5, which didn't crack the top 10 on our overall list (the Galaxy S III came in sixth). With a speedy processor, an eye-catching display, and loads of attractive features, it's our favorite smartphone of 2012.

Apple iPhone 5 (smartphone)

It’s the best iPhone yet, improving on its predecessors with features such as LTE connectivity, an improved camera, and a larger screen. It might not have the best map program, as you may have heard, but we have no doubt that the iPhone 5 is still one of the best smartphones of 2012. While we don't like it as much as Samsung's Galaxy S III, it remains high on our list at the number 22 slot.

Google Nexus 7 (Android tablet)

We saw plenty of cheap Android tablets in 2012, but not one that was a worthy contender for this list. Then along came Google’s Nexus 7, which brought top-flight performance, features, and great design to an inexpensive tablet—along with a lovely, optically bonded display. It placed 14th overall.

Microsoft Surface RT (tablet)

As Maxwell Smart might have said, the Surface RT misses our top 10 by that much. That’s no surprise, considering that this is Microsoft’s rookie effort at building a retail computer; it's number 11 because the Surface has successfully redefined what a tablet can be.

Apple iPad Mini (tablet)

While it lacks a Retina display, Apple's smallish tablet is a joy to use, delivering a higher resolution than the first two generations of iPads. It would rank much higher than 48 on our master list if it carried a price tag closer to that of the Nexus 7.

B&N Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight (e-reader)

Thoughtful design and an ethereal yet effective built-in reading light make this e-reader one of the best you can buy. It’s also the most flexible, with a MicroSD card slot on board. And unlike Amazon, B&N doesn’t charge extra for an AC adapter. On the full list, the Simple Touch is number 26.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How to Encrypt Removable USB Flash Drives with BitLocker?

BitLocker was Microsofts first transfer to full disk file encryption with support included in Windows Vista. Since then BitLocker has evolved and enhanced into a great softwarebased full disk file encryption resolution. New for Windows 7 is support for removable disks. By means of BitLocker on a removable USB flash drive gives a good way to defend your computer data in the event the drive was missing or thieved.
Not only will your data always be protected but it is possible to gain access to your computer data on Windows XP and Vista using a read-only interface that's installed during the initial encryption. Now you are able to get your data anywhere, not just on your Windows 7 computer.
Then, how to encrypt the removable USB flash drive with Bitlocker?
Step 1: Insert your USB flash drive and open Computer so you can view all your drives. Then, right click on your drive and select Turn on BitLocker.
Step 2: Select the way that you want to protect the drive.  There are 2 options for you to protect your USB flash drive:  using a password to unlock the usb or use the smart card.
Step 3: Click Next to continue. In case of the password lost or forgotten, just backup your recovery key so that you can always retrieve data.
Step 4: Click Next to continue and then click Start Encrypting. Your drive is now protected when the encryption completed.
Additional knowledge, with a USB flash drive, you can not only take it for keeping your data in a safe place, it can also help you to create a password reset disk to unlock the password if you forgot Windows 7 password or even  need to solve your Windows 8 password recovery issues.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

What Are the Best Apps in Windows 8?

Windows 8 has many interesting new features, but the most important has to be the Store.
It's now easy to enhance your PC with a host of powerful apps - games, multimedia, tools, productivity and more - and these can then automatically be installed on all your other Windows 8 systems in a click or two.

This article is going to introduce some of the best apps in Windows 8, and hope you will like it.

1. Metro Commander

One immediate advantage of the Store is it makes it very easy for developers to plug whatever gaps Microsoft might leave. So don't waste time wondering why Microsoft hasn't provided a file manager for the Start Screen, for instance - just install Metro Commander, instead.
The program provides a dual-pane interface on your files and folders, provides easy access to all the usual core functions - View, Rename, Copy, More, New Folder, New File and more - and offers integrated SkyDrive support, too.

2. Norton Satellite

Easy integration with online services such as Facebook is a plus point for Windows 8 - but you need to keep an eye on your security. And the free Norton Satellite can help.
The program uses apps to scan your Facebook links and Dropbox files, for instance, alerting you to threats before they have a chance to infect you. And if your worries lie elsewhere, then Satellite can scan particular files or folders on demand.

3. Multimedia 8

If you're missing Windows Media Centre, then fear not, the Store does have some interesting alternatives - and Multimedia 8 is one of the best.
The program makes it easy to browse your music, video and playlists, for instance. In a click (or a touch) you can access files on a media server, or the web.

4. Free Books

Which cloud services are right for you?
There's more to ebooks than Amazon and Kindle: no, really. And by way of evidence, look no further than Free Books. This attractive app offers more than 23,000 free books (mostly old classics), neatly organised by category and author, with an interesting selection of "Featured" books if you just want to browse.
Double-click any book to download it to your library. Double-click again to read it; tap right or left to turn the appropriate page; and of course the app remembers your current page, so if you leave it and come back later then you'll be able to carry on where you left off.

If you want to get or learn more apps in Windows 8, just visit its official site of Microsoft: