Monday, June 13, 2011

How to Reset the Password on Windows 7 and XP?

We often encounter the Windows password lost or forgotten problem as the computer takes in a so important role in our daily life and work. When I came into Yahoo answer, a well-known question and answer website, I found these problems listed by askers.

Then what would you do if you also meet with the similar problem of Windows password recovery on Windows 7 or Windows xp?
Here, I would like to recommend 2 most common ways according to the  features of Windows 7 and  Windows XP.

1. Reset Windows 7 Password with Fingerprint Logon

This method now can only be used for Windows 7, which is relied on fingerprint biometric device through Windows Biometric Framework. It makes easy for administrators and users to configure and control on a local or domain computer which will prevent from password lost. So as long as you have made a fingerprint for the Windows 7, you will never worry about the forgotten Windows 7 password issue any more.

2. Reset XP Password on Sony Vaio by Default Administrator account

We can use default administrator account for  Windows password recovery. There is a built-in Administrator user account in Windows XP that is auto generated when we install the PC and with password blank. If we didn't change this Administrator's password, then boot system from Safe mode and login in with the accounts to reset lost XP Windows password.
By the way, if necessary, you can take a third party software - Windows Password Unlocker in usage which can not only reset Windows password on Windows7/xp/vista, but also remove the password on Windows domain 2003/2008.

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