Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How Can I Access Windows XP If I Forgot the Password?

This is one of Windows user who had the trouble  of forgotten Windows XP admin password, and he could not access into his laptop anymore. Of course, there are some kind-hearted users who  listed their  answers as follow:
Solution 1: Type with Net Uset Administrator
If you have access to another account you can login and open the Command Prompt (Start > Run > cmd.exe)
net user Adminstrator *
Type the new password twice. If you don't have access to another account you'll have to try one of the above methods.
Solution 2: Reset The Password Through User Management
This will only work if you have Windows XP Professional, and you can login with an account. Right click on My Computer and select Manage. Then select Local User and Groups ““> Users. Right click on your username and select Set Password. Follow the prompts and set yourself a new password.
Solution 3: A third party software -- Windows Password Unlocker
If you have not available a dmin account and password or a password reset disk on hand, it is  better for you to buy or download a third party Windows password recovery. According to its features and functions,  here I would like to recommmend Windows Password Unlocker for you, which is easy to use and had a high apperiation among Windows users to reset Windows XP password quickly and easily.
Solution 4: Remove Your HardDrive, Backup, Format, Reinstall
One final way, and probably a good thing to do if your computer is running really slow, or you can’t get into Windows at all; take out your hard drive, put it into another computer, backup your data, format the hard drive, put it back into the original computer, and re-install Windows. It can also reset XP password, but the shortcoming is that you will get the files or data in your laptop loss.

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