Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How to Choose a Windows Password Recovery Tool?

A forgotten Windows  administrator password does not have to ruin your day. According to Microsoft, if you forget the administrator password and you do not have a reset disk, you have to reinstall Windows XP to perform any administrator tasks. You must also install all Windows updates and programs that were previously installed on your computer. But as we know that installation will bring out data or files loss . Thus, this is not a recommendation for you to reset Windows password both on admin and other user accounts.
You may also have heard about Windows password recovery tools which are prevailling in the market to help Windows users reset Windows password. But, how do you choose a good and powerful  one to recover or reset the password?
Firstly, it must be a popular and powerful tool that has won high appreciation and recommendation by Windows users. Take Ophcrack as example, it is one of the best free Windows password recovery which is highly thought  of by users.
Secondly, it must easy to use and efficient to reset Windows password for all popular Windows OS, like Windows Password Unlocker, which has friendly interface and concise operation that you can have a relaxed trip to crack your forgotten Windows password.
As this Windows Password Unlocker, it is also won good reputation that there is a user has emailed his testamonial:
"The password unlocker worked perfectly what the issue was that there were a total of 3 accounts with passwords and i only reset 2 before rebooting the computer again, and the one that i accidentally forgot to erase was the login so, i just rebooted the computer again with the reset disk , i reset the last account that had a password and i was able to get into my computer no problem this is a great product definitely worth the $19.95 thanks for the quick response to my e-mail."
According to the above info, have you any question or trouble on how to select a good and available tool for your forgotten Windows password?

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