Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How to Retrieve Windows 7 Administrator Password with Password Reset Disk?

Sometimes you just so forgetful about the password for your cardit card, online website login accounts',  even for your Windows 7 admin login  account that may just changed by yourself at yesterday evening. At this moment, how could you handle this super trouble. Actually, Windows 7 itself have offering a solution for you. Windows 7 password reset disk is really one of the features most Windows computer users like, which enable users creating password reset disk to retrieve Windows 7 password again, so that you can login to your PC successfully.
That' right. This article is going to guide you on how to create reset disk and how to retrieveWindows 7 password with it.
Firstly let’s create a Windows 7 reset disk:
Step 1: Click on Start and then Control Panel in Windows 7.
Step 2: Click on the User Accounts and Family Safety link.
Step 3: Click on the User Accounts link. Important: Before you proceed, make sure have some kind of portable media to create a password reset disk on. This means that you will need a flash drive or blank CD/DVD.You will not be able to create a windows 7 administrator password reset disk on a CD/DVD, or external hard drive.
Step 4: In the task pane on the left, click the Create a password reset disk link. When the Forgotten Password Wizard window appears, click Next.
Step 5: In the I want to create a password key disk in the following drive: drop down box, choose the portable media drive to create a Windows 7 password reset disk on. Click Next to continue.
Step 6: With the disk or other media still in the drive, enter your current account password in the text box and click Next.
Step 7: Windows 7 will now create the password reset disk on your chosen media. When the progress indicator shows 100% complete, click Next and then click Finish in the next window. Then remove the flash drive or CD/DVD from your computer.
Secondly, it's time to use this password reset disk to retrieve your lost Windows 7 password
Step 1: In the Windows 7 log on window, click Reset Password.
Step 2: Insert your password reset disk and then click on the Reset password option to open Password Reset Wizard. Click next button to continue.
Step 3: Select the password reset disk from the drop down box. Click next to proceed to the next step.
Step 4: Enter a new password and then type the password again to confirm.
Step 5: Click the next button and then click the finish button to close the wizard.
Step 6: Now enter the new password  for your user account.
Ok, you just retrieved Windows 7 administrator password and you can log in PC again. Moreover, if you do not have such a useful Windows password reset disk, please refer to Windows password recovery software. Granted, there is quite a bit such tools around the website, please select a trust one work for you.

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