Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Different Approaches on Resetting Windows Password for Windows 7/XP/Vista

You need your password before you can change it on your Windows-based laptop. This is for security reasons; otherwise, anyone with access to your laptop could change the password. However, if your computer has a separate administrator account, you can change the other account passwords from that account. The process is extremely simple in Windows Vista and 7, but if you are running Windows XP, it will take a few more clicks.
Here, we are going to reset Windows password on Windows 7/XP/Vista with diffient ways, which depend on the features of Windows OS.
Method 1: reset password on Windows 7 with fingerprint
As we know, Windodws 7 has the unique feature that it  allows create a fingerprint as your logon password. Thus, if you forgot Windows password, you can still reset  Windows 7 password with  the fingerprint which is relied on fingerprint biometric device through Windows Biometric Framework.
Method 2:     Remove Windows XP  password with Default Administrator account
We can use default administrator account for XP Windows password recovery. There is a built-in Administrator user account in Windows XP that is auto generated when we install the PC and with password blank. If we didn't change this Administrator's password, then boot system from Safe mode and login in with the accounts  to reset Windows XPpassword with ease.
Method 3: Reset Vista password with a password hint
It is a good habit to create a password hint when you set a Windows Vista password on the pc. On Vista PC, you can easily make a password hint which can prevent the password lost trouble. If you forgot  Windows password for Vista, the password hint can give you some memory on the consist of password. So make sure you look into the password hint before giving up on getting back the original password.
As Windows 8 will come out soon at the Fall of 2012,  it is said that you can reset Windows password with facial recognition or graphical password logon. It is amazing.

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