Friday, July 8, 2011

Why Are You Puzzled by Windows 7 Password Reset?

The Windows password is a security measure that keeps unauthorized users from using your computer. Your computer prompts you to enter it each time before logging on to Windows. If you forgot Windows password and are unable to logon to your computer, you can reset it and create a new one using a quick and simple process. Just take Windows 7 for example, we Windows users are always puzzled or confused with  Windows 7 password reset trouble, which makes them can do nothing with their games or unfinished papers. But why you are in such a condition? The reasons maybe like this:
Firstly, when you created a Windows password for your pc security, you must forgot to create a password reset disk which always plays an important role when you need to reset Windows 7 password. So, it is very necessary to create a password reset disk for your PC which can lessen a lot of trouble.
Secondly, I think when setting a password, you have ignored with the password hint. As we know, password hint is minder to you of how you made up your password. Some systems let you enter a password hint so that if you forget your password, the hint will be displayed to help jog your memory. For example, if your password is your child's birthday, you might use "Lucy" or "Jim" as a reminder.
Note: It is not a good idea that you make the password hint the same as your Windows password.
Thirdly, you must created another more available admin password if you are the owner of the PC. Once you accidently forgot the admin password, an available account with administrative previlege can help you do Windows 7 password reset easily.
Of course, if you haven't a reset disk, password hint or another available admin account, still do not worried about and frustrated. There are many a Windows password recovery tools in the market, which are professional and worthwhile in Windows 7 password reset, like Windows Password Unlocker, Ophcrack or PC Login Now etc.

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