Friday, July 8, 2011

Ways to Reset Windows Password without a Password Reset Disk

Retrieving and resetting your Windows login password is necessary where you have misplaced or completely forgotten your password, preventing you from logging in to your computer. Well, you can reset the forgotten Windows password for Windows 7/XP/Vsita with a Windows password reset disk, which is the  best recommendation for Windows users. But if you have not created a password reset disk  or you have lost it, what should you do for resetting Windows password?
1. Reset Windows Password with control userpasswords2
Step 1: Restart the computer.
Step 2: Tap "F8" constantly as the computer reboots. Select "Safe Mode" from the list and press "Enter."
Step 3: Click "Administrator."
Step 4: Click "Start," "Run," type "control userpasswords2" and press "Enter."
Step 5: Click the account whose password is to be retrieved and press "Reset Password." Input a new password for the account.
2. Bypass Windwos password by an available account with administrative previlege
Step 1: Login to the Windows server as the administrator. Click the Windows "Start" button and select "Control Panel." Double-click "User Accounts" to open a list of options for local user profiles.
Step 2: Click the link labeled "Make changes to your user account." Click "Change your password" to open a dialog box where you edit the current password.
Step 3: Enter your current password first. In the "New Password" text box, enter the password you want to use for the administrator account. Enter the new password a second time in the confirmation text box.
Step 4: Enter a hint in the last text box. This is used if you accidentally forget your password for the administrator. Click the "Change Password" button to save your changes.
3. Reset Windows Password with a Third Party Software
When you have no a Windows password reset disk or another available admin account and password, it is suggested to reset the forgotten Windows password by a third party software. As is known, Ophcrack is one of the best and credible  freeware for Windows password recovery. If possible, you can try with it which depends a rainbow table with a little complex. Another chioce is to visit to download Windows password Unlocker for a  try, which is more efficient and powerful to work for password recovery.


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