Friday, July 8, 2011

How to Change or Bypass Windows 7 Admin Password in Safe Mode?

Problem: Kid changed admin password on LT and cant remember. How can I bypass it to change it? I have Acer Aspire 5551-2013 Laptop with windows 7.
Tried doing the hidden admin from the kids account but pop -up asks for the forgotten password in order to do anything. Tried restore from his and it asks for admin password. What can I do????? How can I bypass Windows 7 password?
Solution: Reset Windows 7 Password in Safe Mode
Step 1: To make a new account with Administrative privledges and reboot the computer
Step 2: When you see the black screen, tap f8 repeatedly till you see a black screen with white lettering
Step 3: Select with your keyboard arrows Safe Mode, then hit enter
Step 4: When the administrators screen should appear, click on and enter, there is no password is required
Step 5: Go to start > control panel > users accounts...and click on make new account.
Step 6: from there you can make a new account with admin rights and password protect it.
Step 7: Once done, log off your pc and follow the intructions above and log in Normal Mode instead of Safe Mode.
Step 8: you will see the new account appear and just log in. Then you can make the changes from your account by assigning a new password.
Things you really need:
a calmed down and good mood
careful to follow the user guide
available account with administrative previlege
Tips for you:
1. If you can not bypass Windows 7 password like this, just try with a  Windows password recovery tool, like  Windows Passowrd Unlocker instead.
2. You must write down your password and store it in a safe place.
3. It is a good habit to create a Windows 7 password reset disk and if you forgot the password again, it can help you a lot.

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