Friday, July 8, 2011

How to Remove Windows 7 Password on a Used PC?

Problem: Can I remove Windows 7 Password?
I bought a used computer, running Windows 7. I got it for cheap because it has a virus, so I restored it to an earlier time and now it has a password. The store didn't know anything about a password, because there wasn't one originally. It's Windows 7 Home Premium. The product key for the Windows is so worn I can't read it. I don't care if it gets reformatted or not, how do I get inside the computer? How can I retrive or remove Windows 7 password now?
Well, as a used Windows 7 PC, it seems to not easy to reset the forgotten password, But you still can try with Ophcrack, a free Windows password recovery to reset or remove Windows password with a rainbow table. User who is skilled with computer, they can crack the password without much effort. If you are a starter for PC, it is not a suitable method.
Best Solution: Use Windows Password Unlocker
Based on the detailed description of the problem listed above, the most widely-suggested methods: another administrator account and password rest disk will not work, obviously. Since the user didn’t care if it gets reformatted or not, an effective way he can try is to reinstall Windows on the condition that he has a Windows setup CD at hand. If no Windows setup installation disc is available, the best solution to fixing this problem is to use third-party software to remove the unknown Windows 7 password.
Windows Password Unlocker is an easy yet powerful Windows password recovery tool. It enables users to remove lost Windows password by burning a bootable password reset disk in any computer that you can run as administrator. Moreover, it will less time-consuming than reinstalling Windows. It’s estimated that the whole Windows 7 password remove process will cost one only a few minutes, irrespective of the length and complexity of the lost Windows password.
No matter whether you are a IT professionals or not, you can simply remove Windows 7 password by following the steps listed below as this application is designed for all users.
1. Download and install Windows Password Unlocker.
2. Create a bootable password reset disk with a CD/DVD or USB flash drive.
3. Insert the bootable disk in your computer, power on the computer and start your computer from the bootable disk.
4. When you access Windows password unlocker under WinPE, select your target user account to remove Windows 7 password.

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