Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ways to Logon Without Typing a Windows Password

Most people log into a computer the same way. They sit down, they select their account, and they type in their password. This method of logging in isn’t fancy, but it continues to be the most popular because it works well. It’s quick, secure and doesn’t require any special effort on the part of the user. After Windows 7 has been released, we Windows 7 users can log in the laptop with a fingerprint instead of typing a password if he or she has created a fingerprint logon, which can avoid the  trouble of Windowws 7 password recovery.
Here, let’s take a look at two login methods that bypass normal password protection and instead use parts of your body for identification.
1. Facial Recognition: Luxand Blink
The easiest and most convenient alternative to using a password to log into your computer is facial recognition. This method of log in requires that you have a webcammounted on top of your monitor and requires that you have facial recognition software installed on your computer. In order to enable facial recognition you need to  download the free version of Luxand Blink.
Luxand Blink is simple software. When you install it and boot the program, it will automatically begin the process of remembering your face. This only takes a few moments. Once your face has been stored (this is called a face template by the software) you will be able to log in simply by sitting down at your computer and pointing your face in the direction of your webcam. You will still have the option of logging in with your password, however.
2. Fingerprint Readers
Another alternative to the traditional password login is a fingerprint reader. This feature, which is often included on high-end business laptops and workstations, is both convenient and secure and can prevent from losing Windows 7 password.
Obviously, you’ll need to own or buy a fingerprint reader if you want to log in using this method. There are many fingerprint readers on the market including theMicrosoft Fingerprint Readerand options from less well known companies like Eikon.
These alternatives to logging in with a password do require more setup and, ultimately, more cash than logging in with a password. Even if you can obtain the software for free, you still need the hardware. Still, prices aren’t too prohibitive – around $20 to $50 for a decent webcam and $50 for a fingerprint reader. Thus,  it is still a normal way to login the PC with a Windows password, which then we still meet with the trouble of Windows password recovery.

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