Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How to Reset a Forgotten Windows Password from Safe Mode?

Windows Safe Mode, known as a diagnostic and troubleshooting mode of Windows System, is intended to rescue the system in case one could not boot into Windows normally. While in Safe Mode, Only the bare minimal device drives and system files are loaded and it is especially useful for fixing the computer If you have any problems booting the Windows system.
Here is the most common situation: When your PC has been hacked, the hacker may change you login password. If you do not know the Windows password, how can you reset a forgotten Windows Password?
How to Reset a Forgotten Windows Password from Safe Mode?
Attempt to login to Windows System with a user account with administrator authority, you can use the administrator account to change other user account password. Since many people didn't set a password for the default Administrator account, you can also use the default Administrator account to login into your locked system and reset the forgotten Windows password.
Here is how to start Windows system in Safe Mode:
  1. Restart your PC or turn it on.
  2. When you see the blue screen, press the F8 key about 3 times a second before the Windows splash screen appears.
  3. You should get into the Windows Advanced Options menu. Using the (Up or Down) arrow keys on your keyboard to highlight Safe Mode.
  4. Press Enter. The system should boot into Safe Mode.

Once An Account Logon Screen displays, click on the icon for the default administrator account. The default administrator password is blank if you never set a password for it before.
Note: It is similar with the normal logon screen. But for normal mode the Administrator account isn't normally shown so you have to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys twice to show.
When you see the desktop, then you can follow these steps to change the forgotten account password.
  1. Click Start->Control Panel->Administrative Tools.
  2. Click Computer Management.
  3. Double click Local Users and Groups, and then click Users.
  4. Your login name will list on the right hand side. Right click on the account which you need to retrieve the forgotten password, and click on Set Password.
  5. Set a new password or leave the New Password box blank, and do the same for the Confirm Password box.
  6. Click OK, and then close all Windows. Reboot the system and try to log in with the new password.
Sometimes, to enhance security, computer users may also password protect the default administrator account. Now if you forgot Windows administrator password, how can one reset the forgotten administrator password.  A third-party Windows password recovery could help to reset Windows password for you.
How to Reset Windows password With Windows Password Recovery Tool:
  1. Download a boot Windows Password Reset Tool, such as Windows Password Unlocker. This type of tool is usually used to reset forgotten Windows password for any lost Windows password.
  2. Install the program and then run in on an available PC.
  3. Burn the application program to a blank CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive.
  4. Take the boot password reset CD/DVD or USB that you have burned from Windows Password Unlocker and insert it into the computer whose Administrator password needs to be reset. Adjust your PC's setting to make it boot from the CD/DVD or USB.
  5. Select the Administrator account that you have forgotten the password, and choose to either reset the password or completely remove it.
  6. Restart the PC. Log in to the operating system on the Administrator account without password blank.
If the above information does not help in resetting a forgotten Windows password, the only option left is to format the hard drive then reinstall Windows system. This always results in data losing. So I do not recommend.
Every time the people forgot Windows administrator password and ask me for windows password set solutions. I always told them to use Windows Password Unlocker and it never makes my friends disappointed. It is safe and easy to reset forgotten Windows password without data lose.

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