Wednesday, June 22, 2011

3 Best Windows 7 Tips & Tricks You Should Know

You have upgraded to Windows 7, love the new taskbar, and enjoy the power of using the cool Libraries feature. But now you want more. You want the cool tips and tricks that make Windows 7 fun! So here are the best ones to help you get the most out of your new OS. In this article, we will focus on the Windows 7 interface to get you started on the road to becoming a Windows 7 Power User.
There are many tips and tricks about Windows 7 you need to know, like:
1. Use Keyboard Shortcuts
2. Pin Control Panel to the Taskbar
3. Windows 7 Password Recovery with Fingerprint
4.Get Exact Colors On Your Screen
5.Add Videos to Start Menu
Now, I would like to take 3 of them for detailed description.
1. Use Keyboard Shortcuts
Using the mouse, you can drag-”˜n-dock windows to either side of the screen, or drag it to the top to maximize it. These keyboard shortcuts are even faster:
  • Win+Left Arrow and Win+Right Arrow dock the window to the left and right side of the screen
  • Win+Up Arrow and Win+Down Arrow maximize and restore/minimize
  • Win+M minimizes everything
  • Alt+UpAlt+Left ArrowAlt+Right Arrow navigate to parent folder, or browse Back and Forward through folders in Explorer
  • Win+Home minimizes/restores all open windows except the active window
  • Alt+Win+# accesses the Jump List of program number ‘#’ on the taskbar
2. Pin Control Panel to the Taskbar
You cannot pin the Control Panel to the taskbar via the Start Menu or by drag and drop. Open the Control Panel and right-click its taskbar icon to pin it to the taskbar. An advantage of this is that Control Panel’s Jump List allows quick access to recently used functions.
3. Windows 7 Password Recovery with Fingerprint
If you have a laptop or keyboard that is equipped with a biometric sensor such as a fingerprint reader, then you have the option of logging on to your Windows account using only your fingerprint. With this method, you will have a greater sense of security in using your computer, considering passwords are not in the least bit as secure as your own fingerprint. Install the appropriate drivers, already provided in Windows  7, and then configure the biometric device for any finger of your choice.  You can easily reset the  lost Windows 7 password with it.

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