Wednesday, June 22, 2011

5 Common Shortcomings on Windows 7

Windows 7 is a fairly cool operating system, but like most operating systems it’s not perfect. Some Windows 7 problems are bugs others happen to be features,  such as taskbar problems, Windows 7 password reset issues. Either way, they are annoying and all we care for is a quick fix.
Some of the most commonly reported problems with Windows 7 include compatibility with older programs, slow performance on low-end hardware, and trouble with the Aero theme and its features. In this article, I’ll show you what are the shortcomings on Windows 7 .
1.Taskbar problems
We like the new Windows 7 taskbar, but many people seem less than impressed with the new approach to taskbar buttons, finding it difficult to tell at a glance whether an icon is a running application or a pinned shortcut. If this sounds like you then there's an easy way to restore more standard taskbar buttons, though - right-click the taskbar, select Properties, and set Taskbar Buttons to "Never combine" or "Combine when taskbar is full".
2. Aero Snap irritations
Windows 7's new ability to move and resize windows, all in one movement, can be a genuine productivity boost. But if you find windows moving around when you don't expect it then Aero Snap is more of an annoyance than anything else, though at least it's one you can disable in just a few seconds.
3. HP Multifunction Printer problems
If you've an HP multifunction printer with its "Full Feature Software solution" or "Basic Driver solution" installed then, after upgrading to Windows 7, you may find the printer stops working. Press the buttons on the front of the printer and nothing will happen; launch the software manually and you'll see reports that it can't connect to your hardware.
4. Missing applets
Windows 7 installs quickly and takes up less hard drive space than you might expect, but in part that's down to cheating - Mail, Movie Maker, Photo Gallery and other applets are no longer bundled with a standard Windows installation. Instead you must download the programs you need from the Windows Live Essentials site.
5. Windows 7 Password Reset Issues Surrounding
As Windows 7 is coming a popular trend, on one hand this OS is more comfortable and convenient for Windows users, on the other hand, Windows 7 OS still brings us the trouble of Windows 7 password reset trouble more or less.
Most of us encounter with the forgotten or lost Windows 7 password, but we can  fix it out by ourself with a password reset disk or an efficient Windows password  recovery tool.
Thus, these 5 shortcomgings are not big problems as Windows 7 is so prevelling and popular with us.

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