Thursday, August 4, 2011

Reset Windows XP Password in A Few Steps

Sooner or later, everyone comes across an instance that requires them to reset the log in password for their computer. Sometimes it is because they purchased a second-hand computer and were not given the password, while other times they are resorting back to an old computer they haven’t used in a long time and have forgotten the password. If it is a standard user password, it is easy enough to log in as the administrator to change it, but changing the administrator password requires a little more technical aptitude. Fortunately, Windows XP allows these passwords to be reset so that you can regain control of your computer. Here’s how to reset Windows XP password.
Then, how to reset XP password in  a few steps right now? Well, follow the tutorials to learn how to do that yourself.
Whole Steps:
1. download a third party software from website, and here I would like to recommend Windows Password Unlocker for you, a well-recognized and professional tool to help reset Windows password on Windows 7/XP/Vista and Windows server account.
2. After that, intall it in any available PC and run.
3. Insert a bootable CD/DVD/USB flash drive into an available PC and burn it.
4. After burning completes, pop it out and insert the disk into the locked PC.
5. Bios settings. Set BIOS for your locked computer to boot from CD/DVD or USB. And you'll see Windows Password Unlocker under Win PE with all the user accounts on your computer displayed.
6. Reset your target account that has password protected.
7. Reboot your PC and logon Windows without a password.
Time: less than 5 minutes
Device:  a bootable CD/DVD/USB
1. It is better for you to create a Windows password reset disk
2. Create more than one admin account for your own
3. Try all your ability to recall your password
4. Use some freeware to reset forgotten Windows password
1.You can only reset your password with the full version of Windows Password Unlocker.
2. If you have created a password for PC, write it down and store it in safe place.

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