Thursday, August 4, 2011

Forgot My Laptop Password? How to Deal with?

“I have Windows 7 for my laptop and recently changed the password. After I changed it, though, I forgot password on Windows 7 . How do I get back into my laptop?”
To solve this kind of problem, the first thing you should do it to make sure that you forgot laptop password and cannot remember it any longer. Keep calm, and then try to recall your Windows by asking yourself the following questions:
1. What are the passwords I normally use?
2. What was I obsessed with when I created the password?
3. What are "key words" in what I am trying to get into?
4. What are my favorite colors, animals, foods, sports?
5. What are my nicknames?
6. What was I thinking about when I created the password?
Think back to the day you created the password, it’s possible for you to get back the lost password in this manner. If this doesn’t work, seek for an effective solution for your case. My suggestion is to checkout if there’s another accessible account on your Windows 7 laptop.
If have, log in to the admin account, then open User Accounts by right-clicking Computer to select Manage, where you can reset the password of the target user account to a new one without any knowledge of the lost password.
If not, do yourself a favor by using Windows Password Unlocker, which can help you easily and instantly reset forgotten laptop password in 5 minutes on your own. 100% secure without any damage or loss to your computer data and settings.
Here’s how it works: Download and install Windows Password Unlocker Professional (This application comes in 3 editions and I recommend you to try the Professional edition when your laptop OS is Windows 7). Launch this application and insert a USB flash drive or CD/DVD to create a bootable Windows 7 password reset disk. You’ll be able to reset your lost laptop password after booting the PC form the created bootable password reset disk.
For more details, you can visit its user guide or video guide from  Windows password recovery video.

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