Thursday, August 4, 2011

Is your PC healthy?

It’s all too easy to fall into a routine of firing up your PC to start work without a thought for the computer’s health. We know, because we are ourselves sometimes guilty of this. However, although keeping a PC up to date with whatever software updates that Microsoft and other companies regularly release can be a chore, there are good reasons for making a habit of it.
Recommended updates
Regardless, Windows Update downloads only those updates labeled as “important” by Microsoft. This includes all updates ranked from “low” to “critical” severity on the security bulletin site. Those marked “recommended” are not downloaded.
Windows Update will display a list of available updates categorized by priority – Important and Optional in Windows Vista and Windows 7, and High Priority, “Software, Optional” and “Hardware, Optional” in Windows XP. In all cases, browse through the list to select the updates you want to install (important/high-priority updates are always selected automatically).
Browser security
A browser provides the basis for the bulk of a PC’s interaction with the Internet, so it is vital to keep it right up to date: any security problems that are discovered can be exploited quickly by malicious software-infected web pages.
Regardless of which browser you use, it is sensible to use the latest version. If using an earlier version of a browser, then as well as missing out on useful new features, you are putting your PC at increased risk, too.
Stay informed about online threats
Proper use of Windows Update, using the latest version of your preferred web browser and regular security scans should be enough to keep any PC safe, secure and running smoothly.
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