Thursday, June 30, 2011

How to Reset Your Lost Computer Password?

Believe it or not, many Windows 7 computer users often forgot their computer passwords, including Windows 7 login password and BIOS password. So we should not master how to password protect our computer data, but also learn how to reset a lost computer password.  If you forgot Windows 7 login password or its BIOS password, try to reset it by following the tips listed below.
Forgot Windows 7 login password
Tip 1. Lost Windows 7 password, you can try to recall it by using the clues provided by a password hint.
Tip 2. The easiest way to reset a lost Windows 7 login password is to use the password reset disk on the condition that you can create the disk before your login password is forgotten.
Tip 3. If there is another administrator account password is accessible, you are lucky enough to reset the lost password of the user account after logging in computer with that administrator.
Tip 4. Reinstalling Windows is often regarded as the last choice for Windows password recovery. You can adopt if there are nothing important stored on your computer.
Tip 5. Windows Password Unlocker is the most recommended and effective method adopted by lost Windows 7 password users. It allows you to reset forgotten Windows 7 password by creating a bootable password reset disk with a CD/DVD or USB flash drive after your password is lost.
Forgot BIOS Password
Tip 1. Take the battery away for 15-30 minutes as removing the CMOS battery will cause the system to lose all CMOS settings including the password.
Tip 2. There are various utilities designed to help bypass CMOS passwords. An example of a great utility to decrypt / bypass BIOS passwords is the PC BIOS Security and Maintenance toolkit.
Tip 3. BIOS manufacturer is another method you can use to reset your BIOS password. You can also consult your motherboard manual or consult the website of the BIOS manufacturer if you don't have one.


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