Thursday, June 30, 2011

How to Guess Your Own Windows Login Password When You Forgot It?

Creating Windows login password to protect PC from hackers is the most popular method for people who are cost a lot of time on the internet with their handy and necessary computer or notebook. Actually if you really want to secure your PC to against from unauthorized computer access, rule number one is to select strong, hard to guess passwords.
However, a recent report developed by a senior and famous Internet security firm, suggests that Internet users no matter the green hand or heavy ones are still relying on the same kind of foreseeable passwords that they used a decade ago.
Unless your password was randomly generated by password generate tools, it’s probably locked away in your mind somewhere. You also need to realized that it is imposable recovering your forgotten Windows password with the Brute force way. So how can you guess the password efficiently when you forgot Windows login password.
Actually, you need clues! Most people create passwords, even complicated ones, based on the people, places and things in their personal and professional lives. When knowing this, you can check out the clues below. Now you need make a list of potential passwords. They might give you enough cues to finally guess or recover that login password!
Your own name should goes first. And then spouse, children's, nicknames, pets or person you are dating, your parents or other family or friends names.

Important Numbers:
Some numbers that often play a part in passwords include birthday number, phone numbers especially previous ones, social security numbers, notable sports scores, important historical dates, drivers license numbers, etc.
Another interesting way people use numbers as passwords is by how they are arranged on the computer keypad. For example, a popular combination includes 123698745 because these numbers are lay as a cycle on the keypad. Does this sound familiar? If so, try some things here.
A city, state or community you want to travel to, like, have lived in, you married in or are from.

Interests or favorites:
Your hobbies, or sport like marathon, guitar, fishing, nascar, soccer, softball, football, golf and so on.
The favorite movie, tv show, or book; favorite people, sports stars, and celebrities; favorite band or album; favorite color or things and so on.

Still Can't Recall the Password?

If after all this mental work you still can't recall your password, you may have to try something a little more high-tech like a Windows password recovery program.

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