Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Save Your Penny to Bypass Windows 7 Password

Have you ever forgotten windows 7 password? Were you troubled with how to reset your forgotten password? Have you ever be password-protected your windows 7 operation system before? Well, frankly speaking, this is a really way to protect your personal information preserved in your computer from the snoopers with a Window password. Whether you've just bought a new Windows 7 PC or upgraded to windows 7, it's necessary for you to set a strong password to protect your computer data and stop unauthorized users. Meanwhile, some precautionary measures should also be taken in case that you may need to bypass windows 7 password as is forgotten or lost. However, not all users know and remember to take these preventive measures.
Here present 3 kinds of Windows 7 password recovery solutions for you which you can avoid the password reset trouble.
Solution 1: Prepare a Windows 7 password reset disk
This kind of Windows password reset disk can be a a life-saving straw when you are in a big mess with  Windows password-protected issue. It is highly suggested that if you want to password protected or set a Windows 7 password for  the computer, a password reset disk should also be created and stored in a safe place. The reset disk can be created by an available CD/DVD or USB flash drive.
Solution 2: Type the Command Line "netplwiz"
This approach works well if you need to reset Windows password with its original password forgotten or unknown. But it requires you to log on Windows 7 with another administrator account to bypass Windows 7 password.
1. Input netplwiz in the Start search box and press Enter.
2. Choose a user account and click Reset password button to reset its password.
3. Enter and confirm a new password for the selected account, and click OK to finish.
Solution 3: Take use of "Ctrl + Alt + Del"
It is an easy and effective way to reset Windows 7 password with its old password remembered in seconds.
1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del when you log onto your Windows 7 PC.
2. Click on Change password.
3. Type your new password and confirm it, and then press Enter.
By the way, with some limitaitons, we can not easily solve Windows 7 password recovery problems.   Some knowledge on some Windows password recovery tools seems to be a need. When input " Windows 7 password recovery" in google or other search engines, you will find Ophcrack, Windows Password Unlocker etc. which play an important role on Windows password reset.

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