Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Is Your Windows Admin Password Protected or Forgotten?

Windows admin password is the first liner of safeguard that protect your computer data from unauthorized users. AS a common PC user, you are often recommended to set a Windows administrator password to make your computer more secure. But in some special situations, you may want to or need to reset Windows admin password.
So, when would you need to reset or remove the Window admin password? There present 3 situations that you should reset or remove the Window admin password.
Situation 1: If you've been having serious problems for your password lost or forgotten and you're the only one with access to your computer. At that time, you need remove Windows administrator password . As long as you're the only user on your PC, deleting your Windows XP account password will allow you to completely bypass the logon process.
Situation 2: If you forgot Windows password and cannot log on computer, then you need to remove administrator password to regain access to your computer. Windows password can be easily forgotten or lost as you change Windows password suddenly or don’t log on your computer with your password for a long time.
Situation 3: When you get a secondhand computer and locked out of it by password. It is easy for you to get a secondhand computer from a friend or by purchase. If you don’t want to reinstall your computer, you need to remove Windows admin password.
Thus, when you unluckily meet with the similiar situation, what would you fix it out? How to reset the forgotten Windows admin password?  Of course , if you have got another available administrative level permission account and password, it can be not a worse thing. And you can crack the password in  Safe Mode or use some comand line.
If not, it is well recommended that a third party software can be a good helper. Windows Password Unlocker, as is designed, happens to reset Windows admin password and user password in an easier and friendly way. It can do a great a favor for you.

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