Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How to Reset Windows XP Password witout Administrator Level Account?

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Unlike Windows 7 and Vista, the default administrator account on Windows XP is enabled and not password protected. And by this unique feature, you can easily reset a forgotten login password to windows XP when you are locked out of computer.
But if you added a password to this built-in administrator account before and now cannot remember its password, what will you do to reset this forgotten Windows xp default administrator password? Here's some advice on windows xp administrator passwordrecovery for you if your Windows xp machine is in use.
Tip 1: Take password recovery disk  for recovery
If a Windows XP password reset disk is created in advance, Windows XP administrator password recovery can be completed within a few clicks.
Step 1. Go to Windows XP logon screen and put  a wrong password for the administrator account.
Step 2. Press Enter to pop up the "logon failed" dialog box, and click "use your password reset disk".
Step 3. On the Password Reset Wizard screen, click Next to change this administrator password.
Tip 2: Take a third party prgram to Reset XP password
If you forgot Windows administrator password without a password reset disk or a passworrd hint, don't feel impressed.  Windows Password Unlocker can do the favor for you. It allows you to create a password reset CD/DVD to reset lost Windows XP administrator password. Windows Passowrd Unlocker is special designed to reset the forgotten password on Windows xp/7/vista with a bootable CD/DVD/USB as you like.


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