Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How to Change Windows Vista Password for Securing Your PC?

Changing your Windows Vista password regularly is a good habit to help keep your PC secure. At the sametime changeing the Windows Vista Password is really simply even for a PC tech tyro.  Maybe most of  the girles all around the world will don't believe it,  so this time you can trust me, open your eyes and pick up your computer mouse to follow the easy steps below to change your Windows Vista password. BTW,  the article which talking about how to change Windows 7 password is also available on my blog.
Here's How:
1.       Click on Start and then Control Panel.
2.       Click on the User Accounts and Family Safety link.
Note: If you're viewing the Classic View of Control Panel, you won't see this link. Simply double-click on the User Accounts icon and proceed to Step 4.
3.      Click on the User Accounts link.
4.      In the Make changes to your user account area of the User Accounts window, click the Change your password link.
5.      In the first text box, enter your current password.
6.      In the next two text boxes, enter the password you would like to start using.
Entering the password twice helps to make sure that you typed your new password correctly.
7.      Click the Change password button to confirm your changes.
8.      You can now close the User Accounts window.
9.      Now that your Windows Vista password has been changed, you must use your new password to log on to Windows Vista from this point forward.
10.   Create a Windows Vista password reset disk. While not a required part of changing your password, I highly recommend that you do this.
Note: You do not need to create a new password reset disk if you already have one. Your previously created password reset disk will work no matter how many times you change your Windows Vista password.
However, if you need to change your Windows Vista password because you've forgotten Windows password and can no longer get in to Windows then you obviously can't use the instructions above.
However, you can use a powerful Windows password recovery program to reset or crack the password even if you can't access Windows Vista at all. You can then change your password using the method above.


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