Thursday, August 11, 2011

Windows XP market share drops below 50% for the first time

Microsoft's Windows XP has slipped under the 50% share mark for the first time according to Net Applications. At the same time, Windows 7 has steadily grabbed more customers since its official release in October 2009. It’s said Windows 7 will be the most likely to replace Windows XP as the mainstream operating system before the arrival of Windows 8.

Although Windows 8 has been confirmed to launch in 2012 and there are various leaks and rumors about it, Microsoft has yet provided any progress and update details about the forthcoming operating system. It’s said that Microsoft will cover more of the new features and improvements in Windows 8 at the BUILD developer conference, planned for September 13, 2011.

Even so, the users’ attentions haven’t transferred to the next version of Windows at present, and most of them are mainly in the use of Windows 7.

Net Applications statistics shows Windows 7 finished July with a 27.9% global usage share, an increase of seven-tenths of a percentage point over June. While on the other side, the decade-old XP closed July with 49.8%, a 1.3-percentage point drop from June.

If you are still sticking to the ten-year-old operating system, just hurry up and switch to Windows 7 right now. If you are hesitate about whether to update to Windows 7 now or wait for Windows 8, the suggestion is to update to Windows 7 as Windows 8 will run Windows 7 software just fine. After switching to Windows 7, please remember to create a password reset disk for your password-protected Windows 7 user account as there’re increasingly users troubled by a lost Windows 7 password.

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