Thursday, July 28, 2011

Windows Password Forgotten, How to Do?

It's only a moment for you to forget Windows password. It might happen when you leave home for a long time (not using your computer), or after you changed the password, It's on the cards that you forget the password in the next time opening your computer. Whatever, it seems to be an annoying thing to reset  forgotten Windows password. How to do and which method is better to change Windows password then you can gain access into the PC again?
This article is going to talk about the possibilities to reset forgotten Windows password if you have no ideas on cracking password for your laptop.
Method 1: Try your best to guess the password
This method depends on how much you remember about your password. So think hard, was the password tied to something you'd remember by going over common things in your life? Names of family member or important dates that only you would know are common. But I think it is so crazy that cost someone million years to guess the password. It is the time for you to give up and try other way to crack the password if you waste 5-10 minutes to guess. Obviously most of us cannot remember, so the forgetting Windows password stuff keeps happening.
Method 2: Try to Crack forgotten password with Ophcrack
Many free Windows password recovery tools are supposed to help you get back in computer if you forgot Windows password. In reality, some users resort to free Windows password recovery tool to unlock their PC, like Ophcrack. Ophcrack LiveCD is a completely self-contained, bootable version of Ophcrack. Ophcrack LiveCD is the easiest and most effective Windows password recovery freeware that I've ever found to "crack" your forgotten Windows password successfully.
Method 3: Try to Reset password with a third-party shareware
Still cannot reset your forgotten Windows password with the above methods? Feel crazy and disppointed? Here it is suggested you to try Windows Password Unlocker, which is one of the most popular Window password recovery tool on market.  Instead of cracking your lost Windows login password, this program allows you to create a password reset disk to reset the lost password to blank. And it supports instant password recovery and guarantees 100% recovery rate.
Here is the steps to DIY how to crack Windows password:
Step 1: Download this Windows Password Unlocker instantly from its official site
Step 2: Burn a bootable CD/DVD/USB
Step 3: Insert the burned disk into the locked PC and then reset it with the guide
Step 4: Successfully resetting Windows password and login the pc without a password.


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