Friday, June 3, 2011

Windows 7 Takes Over One Third Of The Market

According to the latest results in from Statcounter, Windows 7 has ended May with 33.22 percent of the market. Which is as near as makes no difference, one third of the worldwide PC Market.
Between April and May, Windows 7 continued to grow at its ever steady pace by 1.31 percent. It’s been growing steadily ever since its release back in October 2009. In that time it’s managed to overtake Windows Vista back in July 2010 and there’s even been reports that it’s overtaken Windows XP in the United States, but not worldwide….yet.
Expect to see Windows XP continue its steep decline, but it’s still holding on to the number one spot at 45.83 percent which is pretty good for an OS that is nearly 10 years old. However the fact that support for it is being phased out will encourage many businesses to abandon it.

Microsoft announced back in April that they had sold an incredible 350 million licenses to date, mainly to consumers, but the enterprise side of things is looking up for Microsoft aswell.
If we have a look at the rest of the OS market, we see that nobody is threatening Windows 7. Windows Vista is still holding third place at 12.53 percent. Mac OS X hasn’t really budged to much, infact it’s declined slightly over the past couple of months from 6.59 percent to 6.35 percent. I’m rather curious about this because the last quarter for Apple saw record shipments of Mac’s for them, so where are they?
Linux of course still hangs in there with its loyal fanbase at 0.81 percent up from 0.76 percent last month.
So who’s going to be brave enough to put a tenner on what month they think Windows 7 will overtake Windows XP worldwide? So will the release of Windows 8 be a big pressure to Windows 7?
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