Friday, June 3, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions About Windows Password Recovery Applications

Forgetting or Losting the password to your Windows account is a common issue and reset Windows password to gain access to your own locked PC isn't something people often do.
I conllect a list about Windows password recovery applications to help answer some of the more common questions.
"Are the fee Windows password recovery tools better than the free ones?"
No, it depends.
In fact, I absolutely do not recommend that you purchase any paid Windows password recovery tool unless you've tried and been unsuccessful with the four highest rated free programs - Ophcrack, Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, PC Login Now, and Kon-Boot.
"Are these Windows password recovery programs the only way to get back into Windows if I forgot my password?"
No, there are other ways, but using the Windows password recovery programs are probably the most successful at getting you back in.
Take a look at my Three Neat Ways To Reset Lost Windows Passwords for some more ideas.
"How can I prevent someone from using one of these programs to gain access to my computer?"
The most important thing you can do is to prevent physical access to your PC from those who might want to inappropriately gain access to its contents.
In other words - keep those you don't trust away from your computer. Since none of these programs can be used remotely, a perpetrator must have physical access to your computer.
Keep in mind too that if someone wanted to covertly access your computer, they would have to use a true password discovery program, not a password removing program. Since true password discovery programs have a difficult time recovering long and complicated passwords, make sure yours is just that.
Specifically, to avoid your password being discovered by Ophcrack, make sure your password contains at least one special character or is longer than 14 characters.
"I am not familiar with the BIOS settings or CD/ DVD/USB burning, can I operate the program?"
You can follow our step by step guide on the web pages How to set BIOS boot from CD/DVD and How to set BIOS boot from USB flash drive.
"I burned a CD with one Windows password recovery program on it but nothing happens when I restart! Help me please!"
Many Windows password recovery programs are designed to be run from bootable discs, allowing you to recover or delete a Windows password without needing access to Windows... an obvious advantage. However, many of you don't have experience burning ISO files or booting from a CD/DVD disc or USB flash drive.
If you restart your computer with the disc you made in your CD/DVD disc or USB flash drive but nothing happens or Windows starts up like it usually does, you likely made one of these mistakes somewhere between downloading and booting to the password reset CD/DVD or USB.
Here are some thoughts on how you might be able to solve the problem:
  • Download the ISO or other disc image format again.
  • Burn the image file to CD/DVD or USB again. Burning an image file is nothing like burning a normal file.
  • Try a different blank disc. Maybe the one you burned to was incompatible with your optical drive or was scratched.
  • Verify that the boot order in BIOS correctly lists the optical drive first.
  • Make sure the disc you burned is in the drive before restarting your computer.
  • If you have two CD/DVD or USB drives, try booting with the disc in the other one.
If that advice gets you nowhere, just move on to another program. There are a few really good free Windows password recovery tools and many premium programs as well.
There are the most asked questions about Windows password recovery.

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