Friday, June 3, 2011

Create a Windows Vista Password Reset Disk by Yourself

Microsoft has added password protection to programs and files to help prevent unauthorized access to important information. In many Microsoft products, you can apply a password to help prevent unauthorized users from opening a file or program.
When a user tries to perform an action such as opening a file or program, the user is prompted for a password. If the user does not type the correct password, the user cannot perform the action. Today, we are going to talk about how to create a Windows Vista password for the laptop preventing from Vista password reset trouble.
Before do it, you should have a look at the following  tips which are some important things to consider when you create a Windows Vista password reset disk:
  • The password reset disk must be created before the password is forgotten.
  • You cannot use a password reset disk to reset the password for another computer.
  • A third-party can access your computer by using a password reset disk. Therefore, it is important to store the password reset disk in a safe location.
Now, I will give you the step-by-step guide on how to create a password reset disk for you:
1. Click on the Start Button
2. Depending on your start Menu you need to click Control Panel
3. Open one of the following:User Accounts & Family Safety -> User Accounts
4. Insert either your Floppy Disk or USB Flash Drive.
5. In the left pane click on Create Password Reset Disk Then Click Next. Select the drive location from the pull down selection. Then Click Next
6. Enter your current password when prompted then click Next.
Note: If your password is blank, do not enter a password just Click Next.Click Next and then finished.
Warning:It is important to know that this can only be used if you have a local user account on your computer. If you are at work and you log on to a server or domain, this will not help you to reset Windows Vista password.

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